ITE offers Diplomas!

We have two types of Diploma programmes: Work-Study Diplomas and Technical Diplomas. Our Diplomas fulfil the aspirations of our Nitec and Higher Nitec graduates for academic and career progression. Currently, we have 40 Work-Study Diplomas and 6 Technical Diplomas.

The ITE Work-Study Diploma is a work and study arrangement that gives trainees a head start in the workplace. They become employees of the companies, and are trained by certified and experienced mentors. Trainees also undergo an off-the-job learning component, where they are coached by ITE Lecturers. The core benefits of the ITE Work-Study Diploma are that trainees earn a salary throughout the 2.5-year programme, and gain real work experience, which prepares them well for employment.

The ITE Technical Diploma is a full-time 2 to 2.5-year programme that is run by ITE, together with world-renowned educational institutions from France, Germany, Hong Kong and Switzerland. The ITE Technical Diploma is jointly certified by ITE and our partner institutions. Students have opportunities to take part in enriching student exchanges and industrial attachments during their courses. With the internationally-recognised Technical Diploma, graduates are well-regarded specialists in their fields.

Students especially appreciate the hands-on training methods of these Diplomas, and our Diploma graduates enjoy strong employment outcomes, including the options to further their studies at local universities.