At ITE, we have a wide-range of scholarships and sponsorship awards offered by external organisations and companies for our students. Deserving students will be awarded the scholarships or sponsorships based on academic merit, good track records in co-curricular activities, leadership qualities and special talents. Students should apply for these scholarships and sponsorships at the respective ITE Colleges upon admission to the course (if applicable). The list of scholarships and sponsorships offered for ITE full-time courses are given below.

A) Industry Scholarships

TF Scholarship (16Aug)

  • Aquila Scholarship
  • Association of Electronic Industries in Singapore Scholarship
  • Association of Singapore Marine Industries - ITE Scholarship
  • Conrad Scholarship
  • ECDA ITE Training Award
  • Energy-Industry Scholarship
  • Enpee Group Study Award
  • Equinix Scholarship
  • FaithActs -ITE Scholarship
  • Home Team ITE Sponsorship
  • Home Team NS Scholarship
  • Howe Yoon Chong (HYC) - PSA Scholarship
  • Isetan Scholarship
  • Keppel Care Foundation Scholarship & Keppel Merit Award
  • Lam Soon Urban Agriculture Scholarship (LSUAS)
  • Les Amis
  • NParks - Peter Lim Scholarship (NPPLS)
  • NEA-Industry Scholarship
  • NEC Internship Sponsorship Award
  • Netlink Trust Scholarship
  • PSA Engineering Nitec / Higher Nitec Scholarship
  • PSA Operations Higher Nitec Scholarship
  • Republic of Singapore Navy Military Domain Experts Scheme Study Award
  • Rotary Club of Singapore West (RCSW) -  PC Tan Scholarship Award and  TTE Scholarship Award
  • SATS Scholarship
  • SAWL Scholarship Fund 
  • Sentosa Development Corporation
  • Singapore Armed Forces - ITE Sponsorship Scheme (SISS) & Military Domain Experts Scheme Study Award (MSA)
  • Singapore Olympic Foundation - Peter Lim Sports Scholarship
  • SMRT Study Scholarship
  • Sponsorship for Nitec in Nursing Course
  • Tall Ship Training Scholarship
  • Temasek Foundation - RKS Nachiappan Scholarship
  • Temasek Foundation - Nithiah Nandan Arumugam Scholarship
  • Temasek Foundation - G Muthukumarasamy Scholarship
  • Tham Wai Him Scholarship
  • Trimble - Students Study Award

    Click here for more details of each scholarship.

B) ITE Community Scholarship

Recipients will be informed by ITE. No application is required. Click here for more details of the ITE Community Scholarship.

From time to time, other external organisations and companies may offer scholarships or awards to ITE full-time students in specific courses. There are also other awards available to students who may be in need of financial assistance. Please refer to the respective ITE Colleges for more information on these awards.