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Become a Certified Trainer. The Train The Trainer (TTT) Programme lets you pick up work-based learning solutions for the workplace according to the pedagogic competencies needs of your organisation. We equip your organisation’s Practitioners and Specialists to undertake key training and development tasks in their workplace. 

The TTT Programme is offered in 5 modules. This programme is designed for workplace managers, supervisors, line-leaders and reporting officers in Singapore whose job responsibilities include:

  • Training, coaching and assessing workplace learners to elevate the competencies of the organisational workforce
  • Meet the Training and Adult Education (TAE) competencies under SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG) for company assessors and trainers of SSG-funded courses

List of Train the Trainer Programme Modules

PCC, DFL and DDOP will lead to the ITE Advanced Certified Industry Trainer (ACIT).

List of Structured OJT Workshops

Besides the TTT programme, we have the Structured OJT Workshops, which are short workshops catering to the needs of On-the-Job-Training practitioners. The workshops offered are:

Training Trainers Towards Competence

Charged with upskilling the workplace learners, trainers require a specific skill set, which includes 1) enabling the transfer of knowledge that is highly contexualised to the organisation; 2) assessing learning outcomes according to company standards; and 3) keeping workplace learners motivated to elevate their skills and contribute to organisational goals. As such, trainers also require a special learning programme that meets these specific needs.

The TTT is especially designed for trainers tasked with honing the skills of employees within an organisation. In this programme, trainers, supervisors and leaders will learn how to effectively train workplace learners according to the needs of the company. By investing in certified trainer programmes, organisations secures effective learning for all employees across the board.

Learning Outcomes

This workplace training programme will equip trainers with the skills to:

  • Design training plans according to the needs of the workplace learners and the company
    • Identify the challenges that prevent workplace learning
    • Use appropriate data gathering methods to identify learning needs
  • Create effective training tools that incorporate the unique culture and context of the organisation, as well as the operations of their respective in-house groups
    • Practise different kinds of learning methods
    • Develop a follow-up plan that ensures continual application of new knowledge and skills
  • Deliver a learner-centric training programme
  • Craft rigorous, competence-based assessment tools that evaluate learning outcomes
  • Gain the confidence to coach, train and guide learners towards competence

Invest in your trainers and upskill your entire workforce. For more information about our TTT programme, send us an enquiry.

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