Need help boosting your company’s current on-the-job training (OJT) to upskill or reskill your employees?

ITE Certified On-the-Job Training Centres (COJTC) are accredited for structured OJT and good OJT Practices.

Partner ITE for the Certified On-the-Job Training Centre (COJTC) scheme.  We can work hand-in-hand with your organisation to embark on this exciting journey to develop your OJT job blueprints, build your team of in-house trainers competencies and enhance the quality of your OJT structure today!

What support can ITE provide to Company?
  • Consultancy services by ITE to achieve a structured and quality OJT system
  • Review and recommend best practices on the development and administration of training system
  • Provide training-needs-analysis to identify skills gap
  • Guidance on the development of OJT blueprint
  • Train-the-Trainer programme for in-house trainers, instructors and programme developers
  • Certificates with COJTC hallmark for employees completing training


What's in it for Company?
  • Accreditation from ITE in recognizing company's effort in developing quality workforce
  • Standardization of On-the-Job (OJT) practices and streamlining of training administration
  • Maintain good standards with quality assurance on in-house training
  • Staff capability development in terms of trainers' competencies and upskilling and deep-skilling of co-workers leads to recognition and national certifications
  • Be informed of ITE Continuing Education and Training (CET) courses for lifelong learning and skills upgrading of employees
COJTC Framework

OJT e-Certification

Companies are now able to issue digital certificates to staff who complete their in-house trainings.

Workplace Learning, Workforce Agility
A Company's Journey as COJTC

How to Apply?

Companies are required to furnish the following to ITE when applying for the COJTC status:

  1. OJT Personnel Declaration;
  2. OJT Blueprint;
  3. OJT Attendance Record within last 6 months

For more clarification, click HERE to register your interest and ITE will contact you shortly.

Build up your Trainers’ Competencies

The Train the Trainer (TTT) Programme lets you pick up work-based learning solutions for the workplace according to the pedagogic competencies needs of your organisation.  We equip your organisation’s Practitioners and Specialists to undertake key training and development tasks in their workplace.  Relevant Modules for Workplace Learning Trainers are:

  • OJT Programme Developer to attend the Design & Develop OJT Programme module under the Train the Trainer programme or have at least 5 years of working experience.
  • OJT Instructor to attend the Prepare & Conduct Coaching module under the Train the Trainer programme or have at least 5 years of working experience.