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The SkillsFuture Series is an initiative by SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG), whose main goal is to promote a holistic system of lifelong learning among Singaporeans. To achieve this, the SkillsFuture funded courses enable the pursuit of skills mastery through comprehensive training programmes and certification courses in Singapore that can be accommodated by busy professionals.

The ITE rises to this challenge by providing SSG-funded Certificates of Competency (CoC) courses, all of which provide industry-relevant training in 8 emerging and critical skill areas. Each area comprises a range of courses to cater to Singaporeans at all stages of learning—from beginner to intermediate to advance levels.

Each SSG-supported, SkillsFuture credit certificate course is a short training programme that focuses on emerging skills particular to an industry. A CoC runs from as short as one day, during which the learner will hone their skill sets and consequently, take advantage of more employment opportunities.

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  • Why Take These SkillsFuture Series Courses?

    Investing in learning and self-development will not only help you remain ahead of the curve in the workplace and technologically, but it will also help you keep your relevance and assure your future professional success. Here are some benefits of these SkillsFuture credit certificate courses.

    • •Increased employment opportunities
    • •Lifelong learning
    • •Higher earning levels
    • •Boost job satisfaction
    • •Improved flexibility and mobility
  • Who Needs These SSG-Funded Courses?

    SkillsFuture funded courses are for newly graduated secondary school students pursuing full-time post-secondary study and training or adult learners looking to add to their current skill set or to switch to a new career.

    In addition, these SkillsFuture funded courses will prepare you for job responsibilities in a world where success increasingly depends on the capacity to compete, interact, and collaborate on a global scale.

    You will engage in problem-solving activities that build knowledge and provide hands-on activities that allow you to apply all that you have learned. This hands-on approach is beneficial for enhancing engagement, retention, and perseverance, and will encourage you to pursue lifelong learning.

  • Why Choose Us?

    ITE is a one-stop institution in Singapore for lifelong learning and skills upgrading. Our curriculum is industry-relevant, skill-based, and practical-focused, and our trainers are certified and experienced in the profession.

    Our training facilities are world-class and authentic in a real-world setting. To gain the skills employers seek, we use hands-on or practice-based learning.

    We give students the opportunity they need to be productive and responsible citizens. It is a compassionate learning environment committed to making a difference in the lives of youth and adult learners by providing inclusive, relevant, and accessible education.

    While four-year universities have their advantages, a SkillsFuture credit certificate course may be a better option as well. You'll be able to start working in your chosen field sooner rather than later.

    Are you ready to embark on your upskilling journey? Now is the time to apply!