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Acquire the knowledge and skills needed for dementia care and be equipped to assist in therapies, provide support in palliative care, and be introduced to smart urban solutions and assistive technologies.


Full Fee

Fee (SC/PR)*

Fee (SC 40 years & above)*

Dementia Care & Smart Solutions

20 - 21 Sep (Mon - Tue) 
9am - 5pm

Dementia Care in the Technological Era

16 - 17 Sep (Thur - Fri) 
9am - 5pm

* SC refers to Singaporean; PR refers to Permanent Resident

All the above courses are SkillsFuture approved. Singaporeans aged 25 years and above can make use of their SkillsFuture Credits to pay fees. Visit for more information.

For enquiries, please contact or 1800 2222 111