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Advanced Manufacturing

TDC possess a comprehensive suite of facilities and expertise for your product realization needs. Be it developing engineering solutions or prototyping requests, TDC supports its partners by offering proficiency in engineering consultancy, design, robotics, and prototyping.

Several industry partners have already benefited from engaging TDC’s services to solve their problem statements, including automation projects, medical devices, innovation in construction industry, and much more. TDC’s projects are testament to our dedication towards engineering excellence and customer satisfaction.

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Advance Manu

Urban Solutions / Built Environment & Sustainability

Our urban solutions capabilities epitomize innovation for modern city living. With a keen eye on sustainability, we specialize in creating smart infrastructure, energy-efficient systems, and Eco-friendly approach solutions. Our urban planning engineers ensures harmonious growth, combining green spaces with cutting-edge technology for a thriving urban ecosystem.

From optimizing water resources to tackling manpower crunch in the building a construction industry,we craft solutions that reduce environmental impact. We pave the way for smart, sustainable, and resilient cities, enhancing the quality of life for all urban dwellers.

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Services & Digital Economy

TDC moves in line with Singapore’s plans to move towards a Smart Nation. We work with partners to provide solutions based on their needs, sometimes getting grants to provider greater support for our partners.

One of our widely used solutions include the use of LoRAWAN technology to gather data via wireless networks. We have developed various gateways and sensors, and moving towards developing AI solutions.

The solutions developed are usually licensed out to partners for them to easily sell and deploy these solutions. We welcome any problems that may require our expertise to come up with new innovative solutions.

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Material Reliability

Microelectronics Packaging and Material

Our lab offers a solution for companies grappling with materials-related challenges. Organisations who lacks the necessary equipment, expertise, and resources to tackle materials-related issues can benefit from our lab.

It provides a comprehensive suite of material characterization equipment available for lease, eliminating the need for costly equipment investments. We offer exclusive leasing of lab facilities, safeguarding intellectual properties.

Additionally, our semiconductor packaging facilities complement our reliability testing solutions.

Through collaboration and grants, we empower companies to reduce ownership costs, space and maintenance constraints, and promote sustainability by sharing equipment. This collaborative approach fosters innovation and cost-effective research and development.

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Event Management

The demands of organizing conferences and events are vast—requiring significant manpower, streamlined logistics, and targeted venue planning. Engaging the specific sector's customer base adds another layer of complexity.

Unlock a transformative partnership with TDC by leaving your event management to us. We offer a comprehensive support to manage your conferences and events efficiently through an integrated resources. Our resources encompass visitor registration, student supports, facilities and venue provider.

Through our real-work system, students are empowered to provide clients with invaluable assistance, gaining hands-on experience while reducing operational cost. 

This collaborative approach fosters cost-effectiveness while providing opportunities for our students and staff to gain industrial exposure.

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