ITE has different types of part-time courses for adult learners to upgrade themselves. There are many Short Courses to learn new skills or SkillsFuture Series courses to acquire emerging skills for the future. For those who are keen to pursue a nationally-recognised skills certificate like Nitec or Higher Nitec, they can also do so on a part-time basis. 

Gain Proficiency
Our part-time courses in Singapore are designed to deliver learning outcomes that are as effective as full-time programmes. As with full-time courses, part-time students train under a competent faculty with formidable credentials. Students receive knowledge grounded on real-life experience and are assessed by rigorous evaluation tools. They use updated curricula that reflect the demands of the modern workplace. We produce graduates that rise to the challenge of Singapore’s future economy.

Excellent Learning Environment
ITE leverages advanced technologies that make for holistic, experiential learning. Our facilities mirror current workplaces, so students will learn by doing and acquire nuanced, industry-relevant skills. They understand the demands of the job on a personal level and stay motivated to upskill themselves. Apart from developing their skill set, our students also develop a lifelong appreciation for learning. As competent professionals, they understand the need to continually improve themselves, learn new skills and make bigger contributions to their organisations.

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