Work-Study Diploma Programme

For organisations that are looking at developing the next pipeline of talents and exploring on how to create the next level of succession planning for your current workforce, ITE Work-Study Diplomas are certainly a scheme that you should not miss!

ITE Work-Study Diplomas is an apprenticeship avenue for companies seeking to recruit skilled ITE graduates. Under this scheme, the trainees will join your company as your full-time employees while upgrading for their Diploma. They will learn on-the-job at the workplace and off-the-job in ITE.  This enables trainees to link the classroom training with the hands-on authentic training at the work place. As our co-training partner, you will enjoy grant support from the Government and work closely with ITE in conducting the training for your trainees.

Who are the participants?

Trainees joining the programme are ITE Nitec and Higher Nitec graduates who have at least 2 to 4 years of foundation skills and knowledge. The programme also welcomes in-service workers who have many years of working experience but wish to obtain academic qualifications for their career progression.

Trainees enrolled into the programme are full-time employees of the company. Trainees will receive salary, CPF contribution and employment benefits in accordance to MOM’s guidelines.

How can your company benefit?

  • Attract, recruit and retain work-ready staff
  • Develop existing staff capabilities
  • Provide career progression opportunities
  • Raise productivity and improve business performance
  • Be recognised as a choice employer
  • Funding support from SkillsFuture Singapore

Funding Structure

Eligible employers receive grants of up to $15,000 per eligible trainee for recruiting ITE graduates from relevant feeder courses within five years of graduation from ITE or Operationally Ready Date, to defray the costs of developing and providing structured on-job-training.


Capability Building

Mentorship Allowance
$5,000 per trainee upon completion of at least 50% of the course
OJT Blueprint Development Grant

$5,000 per blueprint for a unique job role

(one-time claim per course)


Administrative Grant
$4,000 per trainee upon completion of at least 50% of the course
Recurrent / Opportunity Cost
Additional OJT as requested by Participating Employer
OJT grant at $15 per hour, capped at $5,000 per trainee, for OJT hours over and above the scope of qualification / certification planned under the programme 
Overseas Attachment Grant

Reimbursement of up to 90% of actual cost, capped at $8,000 per trainee

*Overall Cap for Employer is $15,000 per eligible trainee

Course Fees

Course fees will be borne by the employer. Payment of course fee will be made in three tranches at the beginning of each academic year.

AY 2024 intake
Singapore Citizen
SC >= 40
Permanent Resident 
Course fee* for 2.5 years
(Inclusive of GST)
$3,395 per trainee
$2,263 per trainee
$9,304 per trainee
Miscellaneous Fee
(Inclusive of GST)
$60 per trainee
Training Material 
$250 per trainee
(capped at $100 a year and on reimbursement basis)

* All fees are subsidised and subject to revision.

Be Our Training Partner

Partner with us to attract, recruit and retain skilled ITE graduates and industry-ready employees to transform your business.

For more details on the Work-Study Diploma courses that may be relevant to the job role you are providing, please click here.