Want to continue your studies but need to start working?

Leveraging on ITE’s core strength in learning by doing, this work-study programme is the perfect solution for ITE graduates to gain a head start in your career while pursuing a nationally recognised diploma. Through workplace training programmes, you will receive practical training at your workplace guided by industry experts and continue to learn also from qualified lecturers at ITE. As an employee of the participating company, you will enjoy a stable income, employee benefits, full sponsorship of your ITE training and a clear career pathway. 

ITE graduates do not have to choose between working and enroling in a structured learning programme. Under this earn-and-learn programme, students continue to upskill themselves through certified diploma courses, where they develop competencies and bridge theory and practice.  

At the same time, students have the time to engage in full-time employment to earn valuable work experience and monthly salary with other employee benefits. The Work-Study Diploma courses are designed in such a way that it accommodates the schedule of a full-time employee, enabling a healthy balance of work and study. 

Why choose the Work-Study Diploma?


You get a fully-sponsored and nationally-recognised Diploma


You have more opportunities for career advancement, skills upgrading and further education


You earn a monthly salary and enjoy employee benefits


In-service employees can also join the work and learn programme


You get a headstart by obtaining valuable work experience and on the job training from experts and practitioners


You get sign-on incentive of S$5,000*

* For Singapore Citizens who are fresh ITE full-time / traineeship graduates from relevant feeder courses and within three years of graduation or Operationally Ready Date.

Academic Progression

Work-Study Diploma graduates can apply to related full-time or part-time degree programmes in Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) or Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS), subject to the admission requirements of the university.

Watch the videos to find out more:


For Applicants


For Employers