Starting Your Work-Study Journey

You may be uncertain or confused about getting started with the work-study journey, below are some additional information that may be useful for you.

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Important Information on Work-Study Diploma

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Self Assessment Tool

If you are unsure which Work-Study Diploma suits you, click HERE to take a career self-assessment tool. 

You may also contact our team of ECG Counsellors for advice on choosing a suitable profession HERE.

Resume Preparation

You have chosen a work-study course and need to submit a resume. 

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You can also build your resume using the following free resume resources:

Interview Preparation

Your application has been shortlisted and you need to prepare for the interview.

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Work Ethics and Transferrable Skills

Employees with excellent work ethic often receive special projects and opportunities because they are reliable, dedicated and disciplined.Employers would want to work with employees with good work ethics because they get the job done effectively with minimal supervision. 

FIND OUT what employers are looking for.