For your convenience, we have provided this A-Z list of all courses offered for 2024 Work-Study Diploma intake.

Make sure to take note of the distinctive Specialization Code associated with each course, as you will require this information when selecting courses during the online application process.

e.g. DPSCO for Security Operations / DPLTERAIL for Land Transport Engineering (Rail)

COURSE NAMESpecialization Code
Agriculture & Aquaculture TechnologyDPAAT
AI & Data Intelligence (AI)DPAIDAIE
AI & Data Intelligence (Data Engineering)DPAIDDEN
Aircraft Cabin EngineeringDPACE
Aircraft Engine MaintenanceDPAEM
Aircraft Maintenance EngineeringDPAME
Airport OperationsDPAOP
Arboriculture & HorticultureDPABH
Architectural BIM & DesignDPABD
Automation EngineeringDPAEG
Chemical Process TechnologyDPCPT
Cloud Management & Operations (Cloud Operations)DPCMO 
Cloud Management & Operations (Infrastructure Support)DPCMOIFS
Community Engagement & DevelopmentDPCED
Culinary Arts & ManagementDPCAM
Customer Experience Management (Aviation)DPCEMAVI
Customer Experience Management (Lifestyle & Consumer)DPCEMLSC
Cyber Security & ForensicsDPCSF
Data Centre Infrastructure & OperationDPDIO
E-commerce & RetailDPECR
Electrical EngineeringDPEEG
Electronics & Computer Engineering(Applied Electronics & AI)DPECEAEA
Event ManagementDPEVM
Facilities ManagementDPFMM
Fitness ManagementDPFIM
Hotel & Restaurant ManagementDPHTR
IT System IntegrationDPISI
Land Transport Engineering (Rail)DPLTERAIL
Land Transport Engineering (Vehicle)DPLTEVEH
Lifestyle & Recreation ManagementDPLRM
Logistics & Supply Chain ManagementDPLSC
Marine & Offshore Engineering (Engineering Design)DPMOEED 
Marine & Offshore Engineering (Production)DPMOEPRM
Mechanical & Electrical Services SupervisionDPMES
Mechanical Systems EngineeringDPMSE
Media Communication & Digital MarketingDPMCD
Microelectronics (Equipment)DPUENEQM
Microelectronics (Process)DPUENPCS
Patient Management & ServicesDPPMS
Rehabilitation CareDPREC
Security OperationsDPSCO
Security Systems EngineeringDPSSE
Tourism ManagementDPTMT
Vertical TransportationDPVTT