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2 years 6 months

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ITE College Central

Course Certification

Work-Study Diploma

Ever wonder what is the size of a ship engine and how much power can be generated? How does an engine as high as a four-storey building, churning out in excess of 100,000 horse power sound to you?

This diploma course prepares you for a professional career in the Marine & Offshore sector. You will be equipped with the skills and knowledge in the design of ships and marine systems, while the Production (Repair & Maintenance) specialisation will equip you with skills and knowledge in the repair and maintenance of ships and various marine systems.


  1. Work well with others in a team environment
  2. Able to manage and work with different people in various levels in the organisation from different background,
  3. Able to articulate and discuss ideas, thoughts and information effectively to achieve common outcomes
  4. Able to understand and co-relate information from multiple disciplines to synthesise knowledge and insights, as well as guide decisions
  5. Able to work long hours and must meet tight project deadlines.

Assistant Production Engineer is one who assists project teams in different aspects of the repair, conversion and building of marine and offshore structures, including the mechanical, structural, piping, electrical, heating, ventilation, air-conditioning and other marine systems. His/her duties will require working on site and on board vessels to carry out supervision of production work in compliance with safety and quality standards, owners’ and manufacturers’ specifications, classification societies’ requirements, and organizational procedures, so that the project is completed safely and timely.

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Seatrium (SG) Pte Ltd

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What you'll learn

  • Comply with shipyard’s health, safety and environment management practices;
  • Execute works, deliverables and services in accordance to project’s specification with quality assurance requirements;
  • Plan, and supervise installation, production and/or construction of hull structure, marine machinery, piping, hull, electrical and various marine and auxiliary systems;
  • Perform commissioning, testing and troubleshooting activities (under Commissioning Engineer’s instructions);
  • Perform quality control and assurance of assigned tasks;
  • Plan and supervise work activities; and
  • Perform on-site supervision, project coordination and documentation

Entry Requirements

Applicants must meet the following minimum entry requirements:

  1. ITE graduates from any one of the following courses + pass company screening & interview;

    Nitec with GPA ≥ 2:

    • Aerospace Avionics
    • Aerospace Machining Technology
    • Aerospace Technology
    • Automotive Technology
    • Automotive Technology (Light Vehicles)
    • Automotive Technology (Heavy Vehicles)
    • Built Environment (Mechanical & Electrical Services)
    • Built Environment (Vertical Transportation)
    • Electrical Technology (Power & Control)
    • Electrical Technology (Lighting & Sound)
    • Facility Technology (Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration)
    • Facility Technology (Mechanical & Electrical Services)
    • Facility Technology (Landscaping Services)
    • Facility Technology (Vertical Transportation)
    • Fabrication Technology (Hull & Structures)
    • Fabrication Technology (Marine Pipe)
    • Laser & Tooling Technology
    • Mechatronics
    • Mechatronics & Robotics
    • Mechanical Technology
    • Medical Manufacturing Technology
    • Marine Technology
    • Marine Electrical Technology
    • Rapid Transit Technology
    • Welding

    Higher Nitec:

    • Automotive Engineering
    • Civil & Structural Engineering Design
    • Electrical Engineering
    • Engineering with Business
    • Facility Systems Design
    • Facility Management
    • Integrated Mechanical & Electrical Design
    • Marine Engineering
    • Marine & Offshore Technology
    • Mechanical Engineering
    • Mechatronics Engineering
    • Offshore & Marine Engineering Design
    • Precision Engineering
    • Process Plant Design
    • Rapid Transit Engineering
    • Robotics & Smart Systems


  2. In-service employees+ with:
    • Equivalent qualifications such as Workplace Literacy & Numeracy (WPLN) Level 5 and above
    • Relevant work experience
    • Strong employer endorsement

+In-service employee may be invited for an admission interview

Career Opportunities

Work-Study Diploma in Marine & Offshore Engineering graduates are employed by ship management operations and ship building company. Some job titles held by graduates include Foreman, Assistant Engineer (Operations), Assistant Engineer (Production).

There are excellent opportunities for career advancement to Engineer, Lead Engineer and Superintendent.

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