Adult learners who wish to upgrade their academic qualifications from Secondary One Normal (Academic) to GCE Ordinary (GCE ‘O’) Level are able to do so under the part-time General Education (GE) Programme.


Programme Structure

Courses from Secondary 1N to GCE 'O' levels are conducted to help adult learners upgrade their qualifications to GCE 'N' or 'O' level. Each course lasts for 28 to 32 weeks with lessons conducted once a week for each subject. 

Course duration per subject:

LevelDuration/Subject (weeks)Starting DateEnding Date
Secondary 1N3028 Feb 202216 Oct 2022
Secondary 2N3028 Feb 202216 Oct 2022
Secondary 3N3028 Feb 2022
16 Oct 2022
GCE 'N' Level2828 Feb 20221 Oct 2022
GCE 'O' Level3228 Feb 202230 Oct 2022

Lesson Time

  • Monday to Friday, 6.45pm to 9.45pm
  • Sat/Sun, 9am to 12 noon or 1pm to 4pm

Frequency of lessons

  • Once a week per subject



Exams for Sec 1N to Sec 3N are conducted annually in October. The examinations are scheduled in the evenings at the centres of study. Sec 4N and Sec 5N students will sit for the GCE 'N', and 'O' level examinations respectively.


Study Centres

Classes are conducted at the following ITE Colleges and CET centres:

  • ITE College Central
  • ITE College East
  • ITE College West
  • Changkat Changi Secondary School
  • Deyi Secondary School
  • Unity Secondary School


More Application Information


Applying to be a Trainer

Suitable candidates with NIE qualifications and relevant teaching experience at secondary schools may apply as part-time trainers in the GE Programme. Please complete the Teaching Application Form_GE and submit to, with supporting documents.