Esther Chua

Graduated in 2016

Florist, Roselodge Florist & Training Centre



Aow Jia Rong

Graduated in 2011

Founder, Ezsofe (a software company)


Programming Success

Suresh Rajasekaram

Graduated in 2008

Registered Nurse, NUH


A Lifeline

Tang Yu Alexander

Higher Nitec in Biotechnology

ITE College East

Lee Kuan Yew Gold Medal 2020


Rising Above Grief

Teo Wei Li Willie

Nitec in Technology - Automotive Technology (Light Vehicles)

ITE College West

e2i Gold Medal 2020


Smooth Sailing with New Skills

‘Aqilah Insyirah Bte Abdul R

Nitec in Mechanical Technology  

ITE College East

Tay Eng Soon Gold Medal 2020


Second Chance Made Good

Alex Oh Jia Shun

Higher Nitec in Games Programming & Development

ITE College Central

The Ngee Ann Kongsi Gold Medal 2020


No Pause Button to Game Excellence

Nabillah Bee Bte Basheer Ahmad

Higher Nitec in Mechatronics Engineering
ITE College Central

IES Engineering Award 2020


All-rounder Role Model

Muhammad Zaliq B Husri

Nitec in Electrical Technology (Lighting & Sound)

ITE College West

Lee Kuan Yew Gold Medal 2020


Becoming a Better Self

Kawal Pal Singh

Graduated in 2001


Late Bloomer Made Partner of Law Firm


Nicholas Chan

Graduated in 2015


First ITE Grad in Med School

Andrea Lim & Alina Har

Graduated in 2013


Finding Love and A Passion for Food


Mae Tang

Course Manager/Nursing

ITE College East

President’s Award for Teachers 2019 Finalist

Asrina Abdul Samad

Master Mentor/Program Development Centre

ITE Headquarters

President's Award for Teachers 2017 Recipient

Tay Wei Sern

Deputy Director/Health Sciences

ITE College East

President's Award for Nurses 2019