Congratulations Class of March 2022

ITE College Central (CC) extends our heartiest congratulations to all graduands. We are glad to have played a part in your education and skills training and are proud of your achievements!

You are cordially invited to join in the Graduation Ceremony organised specially for you. Each graduand can invite 2 guests (fully-vaccinated) to grace the event. With the current vaccination-differentiated Safe Management Measures in place, there will be limited seating capacity, hence only pre-registered vaccinated graduands and guests will be admitted into the venue.  

To make the ceremony a memorable and enjoyable one, we seek your cooperation to click through all the links below for the necessary information you would need for your graduation ceremony and read them carefully

Please note that the registration for ITE CC Graduation Ceremony is in the 'Important Info for Graduands' link. 

Watch Live Streaming (This link will be up on the actual Graduation Day only).