Financial Assistance 

At ITE, we have the following financial assistance schemes available to help students.

A) ITE Monthly Financial Assistance Scheme (MFAS) and Special Student Assistance Scheme (SSAS)

The ITE MFAS scheme provides a monthly allowance to needy full-time Singaporean students and require regular financial assistance to help them with daily expenses. The number of months of award shall be decided by the College depending on the needs of each individual student. This award is valued at $150 per month.

The ITE SSAS scheme is a one-off financial assistance to tide students over short-term financial difficulties. It also serves as a form of transitional financial assistance to help students tide over sudden financial crisis in the family, so that they can continue with their studies. This award, which ranges from $200 to $600, shall be decided by the College, depending on the needs of each individual student.

You can apply for financial assistance by submitting an on-line application and supporting income documents (e.g. latest payslips, letters from employers) to the College you are studying in for verification. Your College will inform you on the outcome of your application.

B) Opportunity Fund (OF)

The Opportunity Fund (OF) Scheme provides support to needy students for the purchase of IT devices. The subsidy for eligible students is up to 80% of the cost of the IT device and capped at $1,000. To be eligible, you must be a full-time Singaporean student with gross monthly household income (GHI) not exceeding $4,400 or gross monthly household per capita income (PCI) not exceeding $1,100.