Do you learn better and faster through hands-on experience? Do you prefer to be working instead of being in the classroom all the time? Traineeship may be the option for you! 

The ITE Traineeship Programme brings aspiring professionals into real workplaces, where they will learn by doing. This programme equips students with the academic qualification and necessary skills to start a successful career in Singapore. By immersing yourself in an actual work environment, you acquire the skills needed to be a competent professional, an asset to your organisation and a proficient supervisor and mentor, a few years down the road. You will be guided and trained by seasoned supervisors who will show you the ropes in a 21st century workplace. This valuable work experience will give you an advantage in your chosen profession.

Our Traineeship Programmes welcome students who have completed their 'N' Levels. This two-year programme allows you to work full-time and consequently, earn a full-time salary and enjoy employee benefits. Academic skills will not take a backseat to hands-on skills; you will still attend classes one or two days a week. This mode of learning will bridge theory and practice.



Begin your career path with a solid foundation of knowledge and skills in aircraft maintenance, automotive technology, infocomm technology, culinary arts and more.

Higher Nitec

Once you have received your Nitec, upskill through automotive engineering, healthcare, marine and offshore technology, service management and more.

ITE Skills Certificate (ISC)

Start your career in healthcare with a strong grasp of healthcare, home care, out-patient care and other skills that improve a patient’s quality of life.