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Keen on social media marketing and starting your own business but lack the know-how? Take your pick from the courses available at the School of Business. 

CourseDate VenueFull FeeFee
(SC 40 years & Above)*
Union Training Assistance#
CoC in Basic First Aid + AED20 May (Mon)  
8am - 5pm
[Registration closed]
CoC in Creative Online Marketing with Product Snaps

4 & 11 May (Sat)
9am - 5pm
[Registration closed]

CoC in Enhancing Online Learning Engagement with ClassPoint26 Jun (Wed)
9am - 5pm
CoC in Flexipreneur for a Gig Economy: Create Your Online Portfolio

24 Jun (Mon)
9am - 5pm

CoC in Flexipreneur for a Gig Economy : Win That Client25 - 26 June (Tue - Wed)
9am - 5pm
CoC in Fundamentals of Carbon Reporting


7 May (Tue)
9am - 6pm
[Registration closed]


29 May (Wed)
9am - 6pm

CoC in Integrated Sustainability Reporting

14 - 15 May (Tue - Wed)
9am - 6pm
[Registration closed]


13 - 14 Jun (Thu - Fri)
9am - 6pm

CoC in Introduction to Digital Embroidery & Online Selling


5 & 12 May (Sun)
9am - 5pm
[Registration closed]
CoC in Introduction to Digital Fabrication24 Jun (Mon)
9am - 5pm
CoC in Introduction To Managing A Hawker Business6 - 8 May (Mon - Wed)
7pm - 10pm
[Registration closed]

3 - 5 Jun (Mon - Wed)
7pm - 10pm

CoC in Social Media Marketing Strategies For Startups25 - 26 June (Tue & Wed)
9am - 4pm
CoC in Standard First Aid (Blended Learning)

26 Apr - 5 May

6 May (Mon)
[face to face]   
8:30am - 6pm

[Registration closed]


CoC in Sustainability - Igniting Competitiveness in Business

26 Apr (Fri)
9am - 6pm
[Registration closed]

CoC in Website Development For Better Customer Engagement25 Jun  (Tue)
9am - 5pm

* SC refers to Singapore Citizen; PR refers to Permanent Resident


All the above courses are SkillsFuture approved.  Singaporeans aged 25 years and above can make use of their SkillsFuture Credits to pay fees.  Visit www.skillsfuture.gov.sg/credit for more information.

# Supported by Union Training Assistance Programme (UTAP), a training benefit for NTUC members to defray their cost of learning. Visit https://www.ntuc.org.sg/uportal/programmes/union-training-assistance-programme to find out more.

For enquiries, please contact STS2@ite.edu.sg or 1800 2222 111