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1 year 6 months

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In the Nitec in Digital Animation course, you will learn to perform tasks such as character designs, storyboarding, colour & background art, staging and layout.  In Asset Creation, you will perform tasks like 3D modelling, rigging, lighting and texturing digital characters.  In 3D Animation, you will perform tasks such as creating body mechanics, secondary actions, character animation and effects animation.  You will also learn to perform post-production tasks like colour correcting, compositing and video editing.

The course duration is 1.5 years to 3 years.

What you'll learn

  • Assist the story artist with the research on pre-production in the art department
  • Assist the character designer by generating character design ideas and creating model sheets and poses
  • Produce the costumes, props and accessories for the characters and set design
  • Assist the character designer by producing the colour style or palette for the character models and set design
  • Assist the background artist by preparing the background design by digital painting
  • Assist the story artist by producing the storyboard thumbnails and animatics or story reel
  • Assist the animators to produce animation tests
  • Produce the 3D assets, shaders, textures and elements that are required for a 3D production
  • Assist the lighting & compositing artist to perform 3D lighting
  • Assist the character animator by creating rigs and props

Entry Requirements

  • Completed GCE ‘O’ Level Grades; or
  • Completed GCE ‘N’ Level; or
  • Workplace Literacy & Numeracy (WPLN) Level 5 in Speaking and Listening, and Level 4 in Reading and Numeracy.


Applicant must be free from colour appreciation deficiency.

Applicant will be required to attend an interview and pass a drawing test for admission.

Progression Opportunities


Career Opportunities

Nitec in Services - Digital Animation graduates are employed in various fields, including new media studios, film production houses, games and media sectors. Some of the job titles held by graduates include:

  • Computer Graphic (CG) Artist
  • Junior Animator
  • Junior Modeller
  • Junior Concept Artist
  • Junior Character Designer
  • Junior Storyboard Artist


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