Traineeship Programme

Employ trainees under the Traineeship programme for 1 to 2 years while they upskill and undergo their Nitec or Higher Nitec qualification. This is an Earn-as-you-Learn programme designed for fresh Secondary School leavers.

Organisations that wish to develop their manpower pipeline could explore the ITE Traineeship programme, which is an apprenticeship programme designed for companies seeking to recruit manpower and are willing to invest in the trainees’ upgrading at ITE.  Leveraging on ITE’s core strength of learning by doing, ITE trainees become your employees who learn on-the-job at the workplace and off-the-job in ITE.  As a participating company, you will enjoy grant support from the Government and a fruitful partnership with ITE in conducting the training for your trainees*.

Who are the trainees/applicants?

N-Level or O-Level graduates who are looking to pick up working experience at a reputable organisation.

* Trainees are full-time employees who will receive salaries, CPF contributions and employment benefits in accordance with MOM guidelines.

How can your company benefit?

  • Tap into a steady pool of work-ready trainees
  • Recruit and rejuvenate workforce
  • Improve business productivity through staff capability development
  • Receive government grant for staff training

Funding Structure

To offset companies' training cost, companies can apply and claim for SSG training grant (average of $14,000 per trainee over the 2-year programme), subject to meeting SSG's terms and conditions

Course Fees

Course fees will be borne by the employer.

NitecSingapore CitizenPermanent Resident
Course Fees$820 per trainee$11,100 per trainee
Logbook & Trainer’s Guide$5 per set
Registration & Miscellaneous Fees
$35 per trainee
Higher NitecSingapore CitizenPermanent Resident
Course Fees$1,180 per trainee$$15,520 per trainee
Logbook & Trainer’s Guide$5 per set
Registration & Miscellaneous Fees
$35 per trainee

* Amount above includes GST. Subject to revision.

Training Structure

  • Off-the-job Training (Theory and Practical lessons) is conducted 1 to 2 times (about 1 - 2 days depending on the programme) a week at one of the ITE Colleges or at Approved Training Centre (ATC).
  • On-the-job Training (OJT) is conducted on the rest of the work week at the Sponsoring Company.


  • To conduct OJT for trainees, employers must fulfil at least 75% of ITE's stated list of skills
  • To have qualified company OJT Trainers to oversee training
  • Appointed OJT trainers must attend 2 modules under ITE's Train-The-Trainer (TTT) Programme within 6 months of programme commencement:
    1. Prepare & Conduct Coaching (4-day); and
    2. Design & Develop OJT Programme (2-day)
  • To release trainees for weekly classes (Off-the-Job training), tests, examinations and other ITE-approved activities (e.g. Orientation/Motivation Sessions).

For more information, please visit: Train-The-Trainer programme

Please click here for more details on the traineeship courses that may be relevant to the job role you are providing.

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