Professional Development Schemes

ITE is committed to staff in career development and lifelong learning. Staff can tap on the following schemes for their upgrading and development.

  • ITE Scholarship Scheme
  • ITE Study Award
  • Staff Sponsorship
  • Education Grant

For ITE Scholarship Scheme, successful applicants will be offered employment as a Teaching Associate for a period of up to one year, before the commencement of the undergraduate programme. Please visit Careers@Gov website for the eligibility criteria.

If you’re passionate to serve as a professional skills-based educator and committed to work with youths to equip and prepare them for employability, we invite you to apply for the ITE Scholarship (Undergraduate Programme).

With the ITE Scholarship (Undergraduate Programme), you can deepen your professional knowledge and skills, and subsequently play an active role in making a difference to our students’ lives. The niche disciplines/specialisations for ITE Scholarship includes:

Aerospace Avionics & Engineering Data Engineering
Artificial Intelligence DevOps & Cloud Comuting Technology
Community Care & Social Services Electronics (IoT, Autonomous Mobile Robot)