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3 hours

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Short Courses

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ITE College Central

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Keen to acquire tips and tricks of taking brillant photos using your own mobile phone?  Bring your own mobile phone with camera functions to this class and be awed by the photographs that you can take by the end of class.

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What you'll learn

  • Equipment used in landscape and street photography - Camera, Tripod, Len Filters & accessories
  • Functions and controls of a mobile phone camera
  • Importance of exposure in photography and how to set the appropriate exposure for a mobile phone camera
  • Photo taking techniques used in creating creative visual composition such as Rule of third, Shape,  Patterns, Lines, Rhythm, Texture, Colours and contrast, Depth of field and Capturing motion
  • Awareness of photo editing techniques commonly used to enhance the overall quality of the image such as Exposure and colour adjustment, Curve levels, Cropping and Perspective adjustment

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