ITE’s successful transformation can only happen with strong support from our key stakeholders and partners. Over the last 30 years, we have forged strong partnerships with many industry and international partners, many of whom have today become our strongest believers and supporters.

We are grateful to all our partners who have contributed in various aspects to enhance the development and training of ITE students, through:

• Knowledge, skills and technology transfer
• Provision of expertise in the development and review of curriculum in new and emerging skills areas (including creating new education pathways and programmes)
• Offering internship and overseas learning opportunities

As we celebrate our 30th Anniversary this year, we take this opportunity to recognise 30 institutions and industry partners who have contributed significantly in transforming ITE’s career & technical education over the last 30 years.


We present the following awards to these 30 partners:


Premier Partner Award (Top Award)

1) Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports (KM), Baden-Württemberg, Federal Republic of Germany
Since 1991, ITE has been sharing an exceptional partnership with KM. Over the past 31 years, Singapore and ITE benefitted from fruitful partnership and exchanges with KM, its teacher academies and colleges.


Distinguished Partner Awards

(a) Overseas Institutional Partners

2) Box Hill Institute, Australia
A member of the Global Education Network (GEN) with ITE, Box Hill Institute has contributed to developing our staff and student capabilities, and enhancing their learning.


3) Kirkwood Community College, USA

Kirkwood Community College (KCC) is another member of the GEN. ITE has been able to tap on KCC’s knowledge and experience in enhancing staff and student capabilities in niche areas.


4) Institut Paul Bocuse, France

Institut Paul Bocuse (IPB) has provided expertise for developing ITE’s Technical Diploma in Culinary Arts. Through IPB, ITE became a member of the prestigious and highly selective Worldwide Alliance, allowing staff and students to be exposed to global standards in culinary training.


5) Southern Alberta Institute of Technology, Canada

A member of the GEN, Southern Alberta Institute of Technology is recognised for its contributions in developing the capabilities of ITE staff and students in niche areas, and enhancing global learning opportunities and exchanges among staff and students.


6) Vocational Training Council, Hong Kong

Hong Kong Vocational Training Council is a strong ally of ITE, and has facilitated extensive global learning opportunities for our staff and students. These include collaborations in events such as the biennial International Student Seminars and culinary events like the Hong Kong and Singapore Nights.


(b) Local Industry Partners

7) Aver Asia (S) Pte Ltd

Aver Asia has played a strong role in training our staff and students in the operations of Mobile Elevated Work Platforms and in setting up Workplace Safety & Health training facilities in ITE.


8) Bosch Rexroth Pte Ltd

Bosch Rexroth has contributed to the training and development of our staff and students locally and in Germany. It has also provided sponsorship of training equipment.


9) Conrad Centennial Singapore

Conrad Centennial has provided many training and employment opportunities for our students and actively contributed to the development of our hospitality curriculum.


10) CrimsonLogic Pte Ltd

CrimsonLogic has helped with the development of several Infocomm Technology Work-Study Diploma programmes, and also provides training places for our students in these programmes.


11) dnata Singapore Pte Ltd

dnata has provided generous sponsorship of training equipment, as well as training and attachment opportunities for our students and staff.


12) Equinix Singapore Pte Ltd

Equinix has supported the development of various Work-Study Diploma programmes, and offered many internship and traineeship opportunities for our students.


13) HOYA Lens (S) Pte Ltd

Hoya Lens has organised international exchange and study trips for our staff and students to its overseas plants. It has also sponsored training equipment for our opticianry students.


14) Intel Technology Asia Pte Ltd

Intel® has helped to boost the digital capabilities of our staff and students, through our collaboration in various Intel® Artificial Intelligence and Digital Readiness programmes. It has also provided global exchange and attachment opportunities for our staff and students.


15) ITE Alumni Association

Promoting closer ties and fostering networking among ITE graduates, the Association has facilitated over 1,100 overseas attachment places for students via its overseas chapters. It also raises funds for needy students and promotes entrepreneurship among students.


16) Johnson Controls (S) Pte Ltd

Johnson Controls has enhanced learning in facility management and built environment through the set-up of the ITE-Johnson Controls Building Technologies and Solutions Centre, as well as provided internship opportunities for students.


17) Keppel Offshore & Marine Ltd

Keppel Offshore & Marine has been a strong supporter in helping students deepen their skills in marine and offshore technology. It has generously contributed equipment to the maritime training centre in ITE.


18) Les Amis Group

Les Amis has helped groom our students into future chefs, including providing internships for the Technical Diploma in Culinary Arts course, and offering scholarships to those who performed well during their internships.


19) National Healthcare Group

The National Healthcare Group has contributed actively to the development of ITE’s nursing curriculum. It has offered extensive clinical placements for our students in hospitals, and training places under the Work-Study Diploma in Rehabilitation Care.


20) National Trades Union Congress

The National Trades Union Congress is recognised for its strong support of ITE’s skills training and the holistic development of students through internship and youth development programmes. It has also been important in building a strong relationship with ITE’s unions.


21) National Youth Achievement Award Council

The National Youth Achievement Award Council is recognised for its invaluable contributions and holistic development of ITE students. It has helped transformed numerous ITE students into confident individuals ready to make active contributions to the community.


22) PSA Corporation Ltd

PSA has been an ITE Approved Training Centre since 1981, conducting courses that lead to ITE certifications. It has sponsored training equipment and facilities, training places under the Work-Study Diploma in Port Automation Technology, and provided internship opportunities and scholarships for students.


23) SBS Transit Ltd

SBS Transit has contributed to the development and review of ITE’s automotive engineering and rapid transit engineering curriculum, and supported the development of the new Work-Study Diploma in Land Transport Engineering.


24) Sembcorp Marine Ltd

Sembcorp Marine has been a great supporter of ITE’s marine courses. It has made valuable contributions to the development of ITE’s marine engineering curriculum, including the Work-Study Diploma in Marine & Offshore Engineering.


25) SICK Product Center Asia Pte Ltd

SICK Product Center has supported our students’ learning through the provision of overseas industrial attachments. It has also contributed training equipment to ITE, including a connectivity solutions lab.


26) SMRT Corporation Ltd

SMRT has been instrumental to the development of ITE’s rapid transit courses. It has enhanced the quality of teaching and learning through on-the-job training, internship opportunities and the setting up of training facilities.


27) ST Engineering

ST Engineering and its subsidiaries has made significant contributions to the training of ITE staff and students across different fields, ranging from cyber security to aerospace technology. It has supported the enhancement of curriculum, set-up of facilities, and development of ITE’s Work-Study Diploma programmes.


28) STMicroelectronics Pte Ltd

STMicroelectronics has contributed to the development of ITE’s microelectronics courses, including the Work-Study Diploma in Microelectronics. It has also provided training equipment and internship opportunities for our students.


29) YCH Group Pte Ltd

YCH Group has enabled students to receive enhanced training in logistics. It has provided industrial attachment opportunities for students in the logistics courses, as well as training places for students in the Work-Study Diploma in Logistics and Supply Chain Management.


30) ZF Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

ZF Asia Pacific has contributed greatly to the development of ITE’s automotive engineering curriculum, especially in the area of high voltage electrification. It has also helped to train and certify our staff as high voltage experts.


Besides these 30 partners, we would also like to record our strongest appreciation to all other 5,000 partners who have walked with us in our transformation journey. Thank you for co-creating learning with ITE to ensure successful student and graduate outcomes, and in supporting our mission in skilling the workforce for the nation.