Tay Eng Soon Gold Medal Winners


Andrea Lee Zi Qin

Nitec in Product Design

ITE College Central


Product Designer on a Mission


Andrea relishes the experience of imagining, creating, and marketing products that cater to consumer needs and wants. Casual window shopping trips became meaningful application opportunities as she started to observe product designs versus practical functionalities. Her acute observation skills and passion put her in good stead when she started her internship with homegrown company, Trigger Design.


Under the tutelage of President Design Award Winner, Ms Chan Wai Lim, she built on her skills gained in ITE with valuable market exposure – from working with projects from Multi-National Corporations like Samsung, Panasonic and Kohler; to rendering designs for patent-pending products for her internship company and clients. The fast learner acquired 2D illustration and 3D modelling skills on the job, honed her marketing presentation skills and stretched her creativity to generate product concepts targeted at reducing COVID-19 risks. Andrea’s current skills set as a Product Designer in the making is testament of her zeal and determination to be the best at what she does.


Design a Better Tomorrow


“I believe design is a means to express our thoughts and emotions. What makes it even more special is that we interact through designs every day, and we may not even realise it! The world is forever evolving and we need to keep up with the changes. As a Product Designer, I get the chance to shape your tomorrow.


This quote from Bruce Lee well sums up my thoughts on this: ‘If you want to learn to swim, jump into the water. On dry land, no frame of mind is ever going to help you.’ To help me design a better tomorrow, I must always be in the motion of learning.”


After ITE


Andrea is pursuing a Diploma in Product & Industrial Design at Temasek Polytechnic. In future, Andrea hopes to revisit her other love – floristry, and combine her knowledge and experience in Product Design, to innovate the art of floristry. If possible, she may start her own floristry business.


Top Achievements


  • Andrea has consecutively made it to the School of Business Director’s List whilst pursuing her Nitec course in ITE College Central.
  • She was awarded the CDC/CCC-ITE Scholarship in 2019. This Scholarship is awarded to the top 10% of GCE ‘N/O’ level entrants in each Nitec or Higher Nitec intake at ITE.
  • Andrea was an active and valuable member of her College’s Student Council. She contributed in the Active Ageing Festival, SBS Kindness Movement and other Student Council signature events.


Cherie Wong Wei Qi

Higher Nitec in Beauty & Wellness Management

ITE College East


Making Her Mark


Cherie Wong Wei Qi has a dream – to be a doctor. Yet self-doubt and lack of confidence in her abilities hindered her efforts to realise that dream. Things turned around when she enrolled in ITE. Thanks to the care, support, and most importantly, the belief of her lecturers, Cherie found her drive to work hard and reach for what she wants.


Her outstanding academic performance aside, Cherie shone in other areas. At WorldSkills Singapore 2020, she was a Silver Medallist. She also turned her skills into a business by formulating and selling her own range of beauty products, and providing home-based beauty services during her free time. Working only on three to four hours of sleep a day, Cherie also squeezed in time to participate in several community projects.


Today, Cherie is a proud business owner and continues to work hard towards her dream of becoming a doctor.


Believing in Success


“In secondary school, I was rebellious and could not be bothered about my studies. ITE really changed me into someone totally different. I met amazing teachers and classmates who were extremely supportive. My form teacher always believed that I would excel in life. She’s my role model and had made a big impact on me. All my lecturers and WorldSkills coaches are extremely nurturing and pushed me out of my comfort zone – that sparked something in me and made me want to work hard for my future.”


After ITE


Cherie is pursuing a Diploma in Health Sciences at Ngee Ann Polytechnic. She runs Posh Aesthetics with a business partner and is the sole owner of another beauty salon – Chioskin Singapore.


Top Achievements

  • Cherie’s outstanding performance earned her the Director’ List Awards in 2019 and 2020, the College East (CE) Special Award (Innovation & Enterprise) 2021, and the CE ExcellenCE Award 2021, which is given to the top graduate in ITE College East.
  • She took part in WorldSkills Singapore 2020 and emerged as the Silver Medallist in the Beauty Therapy category. 
  • While at ITE, she used her skills to develop her own range of beauty products, including an innovative spray-on make-up remover, and sold it online. She then went on to provide home-based, on-demand beauty services during her free time. She has since built a substantial clientele base, leading her to set up a salon upon graduation.




Shuqri B Shaifuddin

Higher Nitec in IT Systems & Networks

ITE College West


Loving Life


Shuqri B Shaifuddin used to spend hours playing computer games into the late nights. In ITE, he cut down on his gaming hours and spent time on new interests he discovered in school. He enjoyed classes so much that he never missed a day of school at ITE. Shuqri took up the IT Systems & Networks course as he saw that IT skills would be in demand. He started to love the course more as his knowledge in the area grew.


Shuqri also joined his friends at the Green Ambassador Club and this ignited his passion for environmental causes. He eventually led the Club as the President. Through the Club, he learned about the urgency and importance of taking care of the environment. Because of him, his supportive family now grows some of their own vegetables to reduce their carbon footprint.


He actively took part in community service and school life, and graduated with a perfect Grade Point Average. He accomplished all these while maintaining his belief that he has to enjoy the life he has been given. Shuqri hopes to build a career where he can use artificial intelligence in Finance or environmental causes.


Enjoying the Gift of Life


“I believe in enjoying life and living in the moment. I enjoyed school very much and am thankful to have done well in the process. When we enjoy what we do and don’t put pressure on ourselves, we can succeed and appreciate the life we have.”


After ITE


Shuqri is pursuing a Diploma in Information Technology at Ngee Ann Polytechnic


Top Achievements

  • Shuqri won the Edusave Award for Achievement, Good Leadership and Service, the LBKM Excellence Award, the 4PM Bestari Award, the Edusave Character Award, the ITE-Siloso Beach Resort Youth Eco Award, and the Edusave Certificate of Academic Achievement (Merit Bursary) in 2020.
  • With excellent academic results, he was in the Director’s List at ITE College West in 2019 and 2020, and won the Academic Performance Awards in 2019 and 2020. He was also awarded the Service Star Award – Diamond (2020) and Gold (2019) by his College.
  • Shuqri displayed strong leadership qualities in his CCA. He was the Project Lead of the ACE Club. He was also the Team IC for a Youth Expedition Project (YEP) in Chiang Mai, Thailand, the Group Leader for the YEP Post-trip Community Service project at the Fei Yue Senior Activity Centre, and a Volunteer at the Merdeka Generation Roadshow Digital Clinic.