The Ngee Ann Kongsi Gold Medal Winners

Poh Jun Kai

Higher Nitec in Games Programming & Development

ITE College Central


Game On, Press On


An avid gamer since primary school, Poh Jun Kai has a penchant for anything innovative in the gaming scene, often downloading new mobile games to personally experience different mechanics during game play. At age 15, he resolved to transform his passion in gaming into a lifelong pursuit as a games developer.


Jun Kai first enrolled in Nitec in Infocomm Technology (Networking and System Administration) course. It laid a foundation for him to pick up programming quickly and benefitted him, as he progressed to Higher Nitec in Games Programming & Development. His dedication to honing his craft is evident in his stellar academic records and active participation in several games-related competitions. As the President of Media Smart Club Co-Curricular Activity, he also displayed strong leadership and a heart for the community in planning events, especially during Silver IT Fest where he assisted his lecturer in sharing cyber security tips with senior citizens. Despite his achievements, he remains humble and was willing to sacrifice personal time to help his peers in their studies.


Get Creative Juices Flowing


“Engaging in games makes me happy and I wish to spread the joy of gaming to others by developing quality games. One of the most important traits of a game developer is to be creative, in all aspects, be it in coming up with storylines, creating art or designing the game play and user interface.


It is not easy to be creative but never give up. Broaden your knowledge, talk to people, think out of the box. For me, I always challenge myself to do something different from the norm. In my final-year project, when we were tasked to create a shooting game, many decided to create a gun that dispenses bullets. I designed a gun shooting slime instead. It’s a small change but something unique. Start small, believe in yourself and inspiration will come.”


After ITE


Jun Kai is pursuing a Diploma in Game Development & Technology at Nanyang Polytechnic. After obtaining a diploma, he hopes to work overseas in a game company for at least five years to gain relevant work experience.


Top Achievements 

  • Jun Kai attained Certificate of Excellence in the Qualifying Rounds of WorldSkills Singapore 2018 and represented ITE in the category of IT Software Solution for Business.
  • For his contributions in CCA, he achieved the CCA Platinum Award. Jun Kai also received the Service Star Award in 2020.
  • A hardworking student, he was in the Director’s List in 2019 and 2020, and graduated with a perfect Grade Point Average of 4.0.





Nur Leila Bte Laqman Hakem

Higher Nitec in Landscape Management & Design 

ITE College East


Green Thumbs Up


As a preschooler, Nur Leila Bte Laqman Hakem was not obsessed with toys and games but plants. Her playground was her grandmother’s home garden where she would volunteer to water the orchids and cacti. As Leila grew to love plants, she also took an interest in design. After her ‘O’ Levels, she chose to enrol in ITE as she felt that the Higher Nitec in Landscape Management & Design course combined both her interests well. Leila relished the opportunity to widen her knowledge in horticulture, landscape operations and design, and immerse herself in new technology related to facilities management within parks.


She excelled academically while participating actively in events related to her field of study. As the President of Horticultural Club Co-curricular Activity, she led in gardening projects with industry partners and re-designed the layout of her College’s Eco Garden. During her internship with NParks, she learnt about plants that are native to Singapore and even contributed to conservation when she re-homed turtle eggs found at East Coast Park. Leila aspires to be a Landscape Architect who can design functional nature playgrounds that cater to children with disabilities, especially those who are wheelchair-bound.


Planting with Purpose


“Since we deal with plants, we have to work outdoors and adapt to unpredictable weather conditions. Even though it may be hot and tiring, it is important to keep your goal in mind. At the end of the day, I believe landscaping work benefits someone and most definitely, the environment. I see it as a way of giving back to the community.”


After ITE


Leila is pursuing a Diploma in Landscape Architecture at Singapore Polytechnic. After obtaining a diploma, she plans to either work for NParks or further her studies at a university.


Top Achievements 

  • Leila led a team to develop the Butterfly and Herb Garden at Bedok Town Park in collaboration with NParks. Her design idea of a vertical Log Border Flowerbed was implemented and it led to an increase in the number and species of butterflies.
  • A video created by Leila and her classmates made it to the Top 20 spots of ‘N.E.Mation 2020’, an animation competition to commemorate Total Defence Day. Their entry stood out as they used plants creatively in their storyline, depicting venus flytraps and cacti as villains of terrorism, and flowering plants like roses as heroes.
  • Leila received the Peter Lim Horticulture and Animal Science Scholarship (PLHASS) in 2020. She was on Director’s List in 2019 and 2020, and graduated with a perfect Grade Point Average of 4.0. For her service contributions in Horticultural Club and Student Ambassadors, Leila was presented with a Service Star Award (Gold) in 2020 by her College.





Koh Yan Xi

Nitec in Western Culinary Arts 

ITE College West


Project Souperstar 

What goes into a good bowl of soup? If you ask Koh Yan Xi, the answer could very well be commitment, dedication, and a whole lot of care. As co-leader of a class entrepreneurship project that involved preparing and selling ready-to-consume vacuum-packed soups, Yan Xi was tasked with coordinating various aspects of the production process, from organising recipes and ordering ingredients to scheduling production. 

With the proceeds obtained from this project, Yan Xi rallied her team members to show care and appreciation for the school cleaners at ITE College West, by purchasing food items like rice and biscuits and packing them into goodie bags as gifts for the cleaners. 

A resilient young lady with a fiercely independent streak, Yan Xi also took it upon herself to work part-time, so that she could lessen her family’s financial burdens. Her excellent performance as a service crew at McDonald’s saw her being promoted to the role of Trainee Restaurant Manager recently. With her positive attitude and determination to succeed, Yan Xi has proven to be an outstanding youth who looks set to excel in life. 

Drive and Determination 

“I am a person who doesn’t like to give up easily. I like to prove to others that effort is what counts – if I work hard enough, I can surely do well and achieve good results.” 

After ITE 

Yan Xi is currently in her first year of the Technical Diploma in Culinary Arts at ITE. She aspires to open her own café or restaurant in future. 

Top Achievements 

  • Yan Xi held several leadership positions during her two years in ITE. She was the Secretary of the ITE College West ACE Club, Deputy Chairperson of the Culinary Club and Chairman of her class’ Executive Committee. 
  • An illustrious student, Yan Xi excelled academically and achieved a Grade Point Average score of 4.0. Due to her good results and willingness to render help, she was selected to be a Student Mentor to guide her classmates who needed help in their studies. 
  • Doing good comes as second nature to Yan Xi. An all-rounder with a heart to serve and help others, Yan Xi was involved in numerous College and community service activities, such as cooking meals for needy elderly and raising funds in support of underprivileged youths. For her excellent service contributions, Yan Xi received the ITE Service Star Diamond Award and Lee Kuan Yew Model Student Award in 2020.