GC2022_Top 16_SNEF Gold Medals

Suria Bte Saad 

Work-Study Diploma in Community Engagement & Development 

ITE College Central


Opportunities to Shine

The last time Suria Bte Saad was in school was almost 20 years ago. The ITE graduate seized the chance to upskill when her company, a Work-Study Diploma (WSDip) partner, offered staff the opportunity to take on WSDip training. It was an eye-opening experience for her, coming back to ITE after two decades. Aside from the upgraded facilities, Suria appreciated that there is a lot more hands-on and on-the-job training now, which excited and motivated her.

Though it was challenging for the working mother-of-two, the WSDip also highlighted qualities she possessed, which caught the eye of her supervisors at work. As part of the course, Suria had to fulfil certain tasks for her projects and she demonstrated that she was able to apply her knowledge effectively. As a result, Suria was promoted twice during the course duration! Today, she enjoys her added role as a mentor and is looking to pursue a part-time degree in social services.


Seize the Day

“If you have the opportunity to upgrade, take it! Once you are on board, it will motivate you to seek more knowledge. For me, I became more willing to learn new things. I applied what I studied at my workplace and more opportunities opened up for me when my supervisors saw what I was capable of.”


After ITE

Suria is now an Assistant Centre Manager at the Jurong West Sports Centre and Hockey Village @ Boon Lay. She is currently pursuing a Continuing Education and Training (CET) module at the Social University of Social Sciences.


Top Achievements

  • Suria demonstrated leadership, resourcefulness and determination during her WSDip training by going the extra mile in everything she does. She is well-liked by her classmates, often taking initiative to conduct team-building activities. 
  • Suria was consistent in producing excellent work. She secured a Grade Point Average of 3.527 and was the Gold Course Medal winner of her WSDip course in 2021. Motivated by her good results, Suria is looking to deepen her skills further by taking on CET modules that will contribute towards earning a part-time degree in social services. This is on top of the Degree in Islamic Studies she is pursing for her personal growth. 
  • As a WSDip graduate with stellar work performance, Suria now has the added role of assessing and supervising a new batch of WSDip trainees at Sport Singapore. She views this as a chance for her to give back and to inspire others.



Alex Poh Chee Chen

Work-Study Diploma in Logistics & Supply Chain Management 

ITE College East



Back to School

For over 30 years, Alex Poh built a career with the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF). It was a job he enjoyed but one thing bothered him – his academic qualifications were stagnant for three decades. Though the SAF offered him opportunities to upgrade his skills, he declined due to work and family commitments.

When the Work-Study Diploma (WSDip) programme was launched, it offered Alex what he wanted – recognition of his work experience, a dedicated study day without disrupting his work or family schedule, and skills upgrading. He grabbed the chance. During the course, Alex gained a deeper understanding in his field, enabling him to better contribute and work more effectively. For his impressive performance in class and at work, and the tenacity and leadership demonstrated during the course, Alex was awarded the Singapore National Employers Federation Gold Medal.


Positive Learning Experience

“I may have missed out on furthering my studies in my younger days, but the WSDip enabled me to re-join, re-learn, and re-experience studying again. It was truly challenging and tough when the course started. The thought of going back to school and coping with school work after 30 years bothered me quite a fair bit. But with the support and understanding from my family, batch mates, superiors and lecturers, my learning journey was a very fruitful and enriching one.”


After ITE

The skills Alex picked up during his WSDip, and his stellar performance during the training, have given his superiors the confidence to assign him more responsibilities. Previously a System Development Warrant Officer, he has since been appointed Officer Commanding (Designate) for Transport Centre (North), 1st SAF Transport Battalion. Alex has also been appointed Combat Service Support Warrant Officer of the Changi Regional Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief Coordination Centre, on top of his primary role.


Top Achievements


  • Alex was an exemplary trainee both on campus and at work. For his excellent work attitude and outstanding performance, he was awarded the Gold Course Medal for his WSDip course in 2021.
  • During his training, Alex received The Letter of Commendation from his Commander in 2020.
  • The WSDip gave Alex a wider perspective on the changing trends in supply chain management and kept him abreast on the latest in innovation and automation in the logistics industry. This knowledge helped sharpen Alex’s problem-solving skills, enabling him to optimise operational processes and work more effectively.




Hilman Bin Mansoor 

Work-Study Diploma in Security Systems Engineering

ITE College West



Success Secured

Hilman Bin Mansoor started working after graduating with a Nitec in Multimedia Technology in 2012. His good performance at work prompted his then-employer, a Work-Study Diploma (WSDip) partner, to offer him the opportunity to upgrade via the WSDip programme in 2018. Enticed by the idea of being able to deepen his skills and advance in his career concurrently, Hilman jumped at the chance.


During his training, Hilman demonstrated that he was highly dependable and responsible, able to take up challenging tasks and lead his team with projects. A fast learner, Hilman applied what he learnt in new projects and delivered good results. In 2021, Hilman graduated from the WSDip course as the top performer. For his outstanding performance, he was rewarded with a promotion and salary increment.


A Golden Opportunity

“The WSDip experience was a great one. I came into this course with little to no knowledge of security systems and I graduated with a more refined skillset and a lot more field knowledge.”


After ITE

Hilman was promoted to Systems Engineer after completion of his WSDip course. In January, Hilman joined Global Cyber Security Service Pte Ltd as Associate Security Engineer.


Top Achievements

  • Hilman’s impressive performance both in class and on the job saw him flourishing in the course. As the course’s top performer, he was awarded the Gold Course Medal in 2021.
  • His positive work attitude and easy-going nature made him a natural choice to appear as one of the profiles in a SkillsFuture Singapore video to promote lifelong learning in Small and Medium-sized Enterprises.  
  • Hilman’s work and WSDip experience has allowed him to expand his horizons and advance in his chosen career.