Alex Oh Jia Shun

Higher Nitec in Games Programming & Development

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No Pause Button to Game Excellence


When an eight-year-old Alex Oh started playing computer games and was hooked on them, his parents saw his gaming habit as a disturbing addiction. Eventually, they embraced gaming as a part of Alex’s identity. It was Alex’s mother who suggested that he turn his passion into a career. Her wisdom ignited his drive to learn the art of game creation from a young age.


In ITE, he chose to take up Nitec in Digital Animation and after serving his National Service, he embarked on his dream course - Higher Nitec in Games Programming & Development. The two courses played to his strength. With an appreciation of the artistic aspects of gaming from his Nitec course, he furthered his skills in games development through the Higher Nitec course.


Alex participated in several gaming competitions and showcases, and even published two games. These experiences have not only added to his strong portfolio, but also nurtured his confidence in presenting his creations to his peers and industry players. Alex studies gaming beyond schooling hours and savours every opportunity to learn more. Today, his parents have a different concern – their 24-year-old is addicted to honing his game development skills and seldom takes a break in pursuing his passion.


Success is a Multi-Player Game


“My ITE lecturers believed in me and encouraged me to join my first game development competition, despite my self-doubts. They supported me and fed my never-ending hunger for more knowledge, with lessons beyond the school time-table. I am addicted to learning the programming and artistic sides of game development.


I enjoy creating the storyline for games and touching someone’s life when he or she plays the games I create. Games can bring joy and meaning to a person, and even develop qualities like problem-solving skills and optimism.”


After ITE


Alex is pursuing the Diploma in Game Design & Development at Singapore Polytechnic. He dreams of starting a gaming studio and putting Singapore on the world map in the gaming industry.


Top Achievements


  • Alex was the Lead Programmer and leader of a four-member team that showcased their game at the Campus Game Fest 2019. After Alex presented the game, Ms Grace Fu, Minister for Culture, Community and Youth, played the game and praised it. This experience was particularly memorable for Alex.
  • Alex and a schoolmate took part in the Game Maker’s Toolkit Game Jam 2019, an annual international 48-hour game making marathon. Their game “One Flip” clinched the 127th position out of 2617 international competitors.
  • He undertook key roles including Lead Programmer, Lead Artist, Assistant Programmer, 3D Artist and Technical Artist, in the development of various games such as ‘McSausageMan’, ‘Yee Haw Shooter’, ‘InOpulent’ and ‘Retro City - SimmerJam2’. Most of these games were submitted for entries into gaming competitions, including the Independent Games Festival 2018 which sees the largest annual gathering of the indie video game industry.