Address By Mr Low Ming Wah, Chairman, Singapore Precision Engineering And Technology Association (SPETA) at the Technical Engineer Diploma in Machine Technology Project Fair 2019 on 28 Feb 2019 at 0930 Hrs at the Hall, Tay Eng Soon Convention Centre

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  • Publish date:28 Feb 2019

Good morning

Ms Sim Ann

Senior Minister of State

Ms Low Khah Gek CEO, ITE

Distinguished guests Ladies and Gentlemen

I would like to thank the ITE management for inviting us to this important event. As highlighted by Ms Low, we have been working closely with ITE in many areas of collaboration. This is important as it is so well aligned to our SPETA mission and the Precision Engineering Industrial Transformation Map. These includes Productivity, Job and Skills, Innovation and Internationalization.

Learning and training is a life-long process. As a baby we learn to eat, walk and speak. When we became senior citizen we need to learn how to operate Personal Mobility Aids. As an active association we are driving our members towards adoption of Industry 4.0. We need to learn new skills to transform our business and operations, be it Digitalization, Advanced and Smart Manufacturing, Cybersecurity and Internet of things.

Many of you here are well aware that our Government is driving industry transformation and there are 23 industry sectors identified. Precision Engineering is one key pillar of our Manufacturing Sector. SPETA in the past represents the tool and mold makers. In 2015, we have transformed and renamed to Singapore Precision Engineering and Technology Association. In short, the ‘T’ is now focusing on Technology and not just mold Tooling. SPETA had also changed our Mission to drive the adoption of advance Manufacturing. However, one of the key challenges is that many Companies are not aware of where and how to start the journey and the others are facing the problem of workforce readiness in the adoption of new technology.

Our industry members are grateful that ITE has shouldered the task to equip the students with the needed skills. We are reciprocating it by providing student mentoring program, administrating the National Precision Engineering Study Award. Career advisory, exposing students to various industrial project assignments. The ITE-SPETA Industrial 4.0 skills upgrading program is timely to cater for the industry needs.

Annually our council members are also invited to be the judges for the pre-graduation projects and presentations. Today, the students are here to showcase their excellent work. Periodically we are also bringing the student for industry visits on their learning journeys. Very soon we will also be involved in the Global Ready Talent programme bringing student to our member companies’ overseas factories.

In conclusion, I want to announce another initiative by SPETA. During the process of course judging the students for project and presentation, we have shortlisted some students to participate in our Student Mentoring Program with the following objectives;

  1. Matching them with suitable engineering Job
  2. Advise them on career planning including how to write resume and attend job interviews.
  3. Further study including scholarship or arrangement for financial support from potential employers.

These are just some of the programs that we are collaborating with industry, IHL and government agencies.

Thank you.