Factsheet - ignITE Skills Challenge 2023

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  • Publish date:18 May 2023

The ignITE Skills Challenge is an annual national-level skills competition organised by the Institute of Technical Education (ITE) with support from the Ministry of Education.

The competition is in its seventh edition this year.

As the only national skills competition for Normal stream students in Singapore, it aims to fuel students’ creativity and excite them about the value of vocational and skills education. Challenges are designed to be fun and engaging, so as to make learning enjoyable and memorable.

This year’s competition features 15 skills challenges, of which nine are new and six relate to sustainability and future of work technologies, such as “Decarbonisation at Home”, “Mobile Robot Challenge”, “Data Escape Room” (more details can be found in Annex A). Participating students form teams of three to compete in each challenge and were required to attend a training workshop by ITE or take up the Applied Learning Module (ApLM@ITE) linked to the Game Challenge, before competing in the preliminary rounds. This serves to equip them with the necessary skills for the competition.


After the preliminary rounds, finalists were shortlisted to compete in the Finals on 18 May 2023 (programme can be found in Annex B). The top three teams of each challenge will win trophies[1] and medals. The school that wins the most challenges will receive the Champion Trophy.

Ms Jessica Tan, Deputy Speaker, Parliament of Singapore will be presenting the awards to the winners at the Finals.

Details on the participation figures, including those from the previous year’s competition, can be found below:


Participation in 2022

Participation in 2023

Preliminary Rounds

1,512 students from 69 schools

1,517 students from 66 schools


429 students from 51 schools

446 students from 54 schools


For more information on ignITE Skills Challenge 2023, please visit: www.ite.edu.sg/ignite-skills-challenge

[1] Team trophies are made of wood from recycled wooden boards and Jesmonite, a sustainable eco-friendly resin, mixed with coffee grounds.


Annex A


Skills Challenges


Challenge Title

Challenge Description


Appreciate the Power of Excel For Business Use (New)

Students will create a workable template using MS Excel to calculate employees' salaries and generate pay slips for a business setup.


Create a Website Using Content Management System (New)

Students will develop a website that is compatible with different browsers using software that can create, manage and modify content.


Creative Maquillage

Students will create a creative makeup look, an editorial poster, and an advertising video to promote a set of eyeshadow palette to target audiences on social media platforms.


Crisis Management Radio Communication

Students will manage busy and efficient rapid transit operations using proper radio procedures.


Data Escape Room #+ (New)

Students will solve a series of data challenges that requires analysing and solving a series of dataset to reveal the location of a hidden treasure.


Decarbonisation at Home #+ (New)

Students will design and build a smart system to switch off instant water heater and other water appliances automatically to prevent wastage of electricity and water.


Digital Making Using Micro:bit #


Students will use Micro:bit and programming codes to build and control an electronic project based on a given theme.


Eggcellent Eggdiction # (New)

Students will prepare a plate of Eggs Benedict with Hollandaise sauce (basic butter sauce), before uploading a social posting of their culinary creations on TikTok.


Getting Digital with Spectacles (New)

Students will measure ocular and spectacle frame parameters using digital testing equipment. The task will be assessed based on accuracy, speed and execution.


Logistics Challenge +

Students will use logistics technology to perform various order fulfilment operations in the shortest time.


Mobile Robot Challenge +

Students will programme a robot to navigate through paths and obstacles in the shortest possible time.


Move Right Challenge (New)

Students will analyse a dance movement using a free software/app and assess if the movement is performed safely without risk of sport injuries.


My SustainaBot! # (New)

Students will design and build a robot from recycled materials, and make it ‘come alive’ using Augmented Reality (AR) and 3D Technology.


Patrolling Drones +

Students will programme and fly a drone to designated waypoints in the shortest time, and take photos of 'intruders' using block programming.


X-Bots #+ (New)

Students will assemble various components of a robot, including motors, sensors and controllers, before applying fun coding to control its movement and navigate it to complete challenges and missions in an elimination tournament.



# Challenge to be viewed by Guest-of-Honour

+ Related to sustainability and future of work technologies such as robotics, drones, AI and cybersecurity


Annex B


ignITE Skills Challenge Finals 2023

Thursday, 18 May 2023

Indoor Sports Hall, Business Block, Level 3

ITE College East

10 Simei Avenue, Singapore 486047





From 12 pm

For photographers to capture competition in progress

2.25 pm

Arrival of Guest-of-Honour, Ms Jessica Tan, Deputy Speaker, Parliament of Singapore

Viewing of 6 Skills Challenges by Guest-of-Honour

3 pm

Commencement of Prize Presentation Ceremony

Video Highlights of ignITE Skills Challenge 2023

3.15 pm

Speech by Guest-of-Honour

3.25 pm

Announcement of Results & Prize Presentation by Guest-of-Honour

4.10 pm

Networking and Refreshments

4.30 pm

End of Programme