Press Release - ITE Create - ITE’s New Wave of Transformation Unveiled

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  • Publish date:20 Jan 2020

Guided by a series of five-yearly roadmaps since 1995, ITE has journeyed through several phases of transformation to become a world-class institution for Career and Technical Education. Each roadmap has spearheaded ITE towards significant levels of progress. ITE has now completed its fifth strategic roadmap – ITE Trailblazer (2015 – 2019). Under ITE Trailblazer, ITE had empowered students by offering them new pathways and helping them deepen skills for their careers through several key initiatives, including the introduction of the Enhanced Internship Framework and the roll-out of 24 Work-Study Diploma programmes.   

Skills for Future, Skills for Life 
In the midst of changing job and skills demands, it is imperative for ITE to help students and adult learners develop deep skills and adaptability, long after they have graduated from formal educational years. Against this backdrop, ITE will now embark on its sixth five-year strategic roadmap, named ITE Create (2020 – 2024). Aptly taglined ‘Skills for Future, Skills for Life’, ITE Create aims to make a difference in the lives of students through the following four strategic thrusts:  

  • Employability Resilience, Future Readiness 
  • Lifelong Learning, Workforce Adaptability
  • Smart Learning, Smart Working 
  • Agile Capabilities, Responsive Organisation 

Ms Low Khah Gek, CEO, ITE, said:  “ITE Create calls for us to raise the bar in the desired outcomes we strive towards for students and industry. We enable students to seize new job and career opportunities in the new digital economy. We support their career progression and lay a strong foundation for them to be agile, adaptable and astute as they navigate their lives and careers. We support industry transformation by co-developing technological solutions and providing customised training for their employees.”    

The four new Goals and 16 programmes under ITE Create (2020 – 2024) are summarised in Annex A. The factsheet in Annex B provides the achievements of the preceding five-year Strategic Plan and further details on ITE Create.