Media Factsheet - Launch of the ITE-Sembcorp Centre for Sustainable Solutions

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  • Publish date:30 Apr 2021

Officiated by Dr Mohamad Maliki Bin Osman, Minister, Prime Minister’s Office, Second Minister for Education and Second Minister for Foreign Affairs, on 30 April 2021


Background on Collaboration


On 26 October 2020, Sembcorp Industries (Sembcorp) and the Institute of Technical Education (ITE) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to pursue a shared objective in driving sustainable solutions. This includes jointly developing staff capability and designing training programmes for students to strengthen the solar energy talent pool in Singapore.   


As part of the partnership, Sembcorp will offer solar internships to students of ITE College East and ITE College West and will be looking at providing internship opportunities across other environmental solutions such as sustainable water management.   


About the ITE-Sembcorp Centre for Sustainable Solutions


The ITE-Sembcorp Centre for Sustainable Solutions set up at ITE College East, is the first-of-its-kind integrated sustainable solutions training centre for students in Institutes of Higher Learning, with an emphasis on Photovoltaic (PV) systems.   


It provides students with a training programme that is applicable and highly relevant to build up skilled manpower needed to support the growth of the solar industry in Singapore.


Students gain practical knowledge on the installation and maintenance of different types of PV systems such as grid-tied and off-grid PV systems, metal and concrete rooftop displays, inverter and floating solar, as well as understand the different consideration factors for a PV installation.


The Centre also features a Digital Monitoring System that tracks the performance of the solar systems installed across the rooftops of both ITE College East and ITE College Central. Students will learn to identify and measure real-time performance indicators in order to ensure these solar assets are operating optimally.       


Beneficiaries of the Training Centre


The Centre will serve as a simulation-based learning facility for students in Nitec in Electrical Technology (Power & Control) programme and Higher Nitec in Electrical Engineering programme. (Refer to Annex A for course details)


They will undergo vocational training at the Centre for modules such as:

  • Sustainable Energy Systems
  • Solar Photovoltaic Systems
  • Predictive Maintenance and Servicing


Approximately, 240 ITE College East students from both these courses are expected to benefit from this training programme annually. 


Beyond students, the Centre will also be used to hold other solar training courses and Certificate of Competency (CoC) programmes for mid-career professionals who are keen to transition to the solar sector in Singapore. Some of these include skills development in solar installation for public housing rooftop projects.


In total, the Centre will see through about 440 trainees every year, from students to mid-career professionals and solar technologists as well as Sembcorp Solar’s project staff and its appointed contractors.


Sembcorp and ITE aims to replicate the development of its sustainable solutions training centre at ITE College West in the near future.





About Sembcorp Industries

(Company registration: 199802418D)

Sembcorp Industries (Sembcorp) is a leading provider of sustainable solutions, driven by its purpose to do good and play its part in building a sustainable future.


Headquartered in Singapore, Sembcorp leverages its sector expertise and global track record to deliver innovative solutions that support the energy transition and sustainable development. By focusing on growing its renewables and sustainable urban solutions businesses, it aims to transform its portfolio towards a greener future.

Sembcorp has a balanced energy portfolio of over 12,700MW, with more than 3,200MW of renewable energy capacity comprising solar, wind and energy storage globally. The company also has a proven track record of transforming raw land into sustainable urban developments, with a project portfolio spanning over 11,000 hectares across Asia.


Sembcorp is listed on the main board of the Singapore Exchange. It is a component stock of the Straits Times Index and sustainability indices including the FTSE4Good Index and the iEdge SG ESG indices. For more information, please visit



About the Institute of Technical Education (ITE)

The Institute of Technical Education (ITE) was established as a post-secondary institution in 1992, under the Ministry of Education. ITE is a principal provider of career and technical education and a key developer of national skills certification and standards skilling Singapore for the future economy. It offers three key programmes - (1) Pre-Employment Training for youths after secondary education (2) Continuing Education and Training for adult learners and (3) Industry-Based and Work-Study Programmes with employers. Under its 'One ITE System, Three Colleges' Governance Model, ITE has three Colleges - ITE College Central, ITE College East and ITE College West.  For more information, please visit our website at



Annex A
Course Details: Nitec in Electrical Technology (Power & Control)
The lights, fans and air-conditioning that we turn on at first instinct every day. The electric power points that keep our phones, laptops and myriad smart devices alive all day. Can you imagine life without electricity?
Learn to maintain reliable and quality power systems in domestic premises, commercial buildings and industrial plants, as well as operate sustainable energy systems involving the Photovoltaic Solar System, Electric Vehicle (EV) charging installation and smart homes. Be an asset to electricity generation and distribution companies or lend your expertise in Mechanical and Electrical consultancy services!
Course Details: Higher Nitec in Electrical Engineering
Fascinated by how Smart home and Intelligent Building Systems work? If yes, be part of the team to design, program and manage these systems.
Join this course and learn about electrical and power engineering, energy management, renewable energy, PLC & Automation, design and install Intelligent Building Control Systems where you can control remotely at your finger tip.
Be at the centre of all the digital action as you steer Singapore towards becoming a Smart Nation!