Press Release - Class of 2022 Celebrates!

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  • Publish date:27 Jul 2022

A total of 14,179 students graduated from ITE in Academic Year 2021/2022. Of these, 761 have already received their Certificates of Merit (COM) for being among the top five per cent of the graduating cohort during the College-based graduation ceremonies held in February and May 2022.


On 27 July 2022, ITE held its ITE Graduation Ceremony in recognition of the outstanding achievements of the following graduates:


  • 236 Course Medallists (who are also COM holders)
  • 10 Tay Eng Soon Scholarship recipients
  • 16 Top Graduates, comprising:
    • 1 IES Engineering Award
    • 1 e2i Gold Medal
    • 2 Singapore Business Federation Gold Medals NEW AWARD!
    • 3 Singapore National Employers Federation Gold Medals
    • 3 The Ngee Ann Kongsi Gold Medals
    • 3 Tay Eng Soon Gold Medals
    • 3 Lee Kuan Yew Gold Medals


More details on these Awards can be found at Annex A.


Aiming for the Courts


Among the top 16 graduates this year is Lee Kuan Yew Gold Medal Award recipient, Nurqistina Atiqah Binte Abu Bakar. When she was younger, Qistina was inspired by the late criminal lawyer, Subhas Anandan, and his pro-bono cases. Her ‘O’ level Math grade did not meet the minimum requirement for the diploma course of her choice, putting a damper on her dream of a legal career. Though she was offered a science-related course, Qistina chose to further her studies at ITE instead because of the internship opportunities it offered. She felt that this would better prepare her for working life.


To build up her portfolio and make the best of her two years at ITE, Qistina seized every opportunity offered to her. She participated in close to 50 college, community and national-level events – all, while maintaining a near-perfect Grade Point Average. During her internship, her outstanding performance impressed her employer and she emerged as the top intern of her batch in the company. Though a longer route, Qistina’s ITE education journey was a most enriching one. More importantly, it gave her a second shot at pursuing her legal dreams. She is now currently pursuing a diploma in Law & Management at Temasek Polytechnic. Qistina hopes to build a career in the legal industry and make an impact in the community.


Savouring the Fruit of Success


Tan Wen Yao took the unconventional choice of taking a gap year after his ‘O’ level examinations to figure out what he wanted to study next. After working part-time in areas like event management and banquet service, he eventually made up his mind to learn culinary arts. Determined to get a place in ITE’s Western Culinary Arts course, Wen Yao applied for both the full-time and traineeship options. He was offered the traineeship course and he took it up without hesitation. Despite having an intensive schedule where he worked five days at a hotel and attended classes at ITE for one day, Wen Yao loved it. Upon completing his Nitec (traineeship) course, he chose to further hone his techniques via ITE’s Technical Diploma (TD) in Culinary Arts.


Wen Yao took the TD in unprecedented times during the pandemic but it gave him the chance to see how restaurants adapted to changing dining regulations. He also savoured the opportunity to learn different aspects of running a business. Wen Yao successfully applied what he learnt and performed outstandingly in his final-year project, entrepreneurship project and industry attachment at a three-Michelin starred restaurant, Odette. For his steadfast commitment to mastering his craft, Wen Yao emerged the valedictorian for his TD course and is one of the first two winners of the new Singapore Business Federation Gold Medal Award. He is currently a Demi Chef De Partie at Le Bistrot Du Sommelier.


IT’s a Success


It might have taken Mohamad Hilman Bin Mohamad Hatta a few years to discover his potential, but those bumpy years were necessary for him to grow into the person he is today. Hilman professed feeling lost and lacking in motivation when he was younger. It was only during National Service that he decided it was time for him to do something to better himself. He enrolled in an Information Technology course at ITE as the industry was booming at the start of the pandemic. Though it was an entirely new field for him, Hilman took up the challenge and discovered he had a flair for it.


Hilman also took the chance to feed his passion for social work by taking on leadership positions in the Service Ambassador Club and Student Volunteer Corp, and participating in several community projects. On top of that, Hilman held a part-time job to finance his own expenses. For excelling in so many areas, he is most deserving of The Ngee Ann Kongsi Gold Medal. He is currently pursuing a diploma in Information Technology at Singapore Polytechnic and hopes to marry his IT skills with his passion for social work in the future.


Annex A

Details of Top ITE Awards

The Institute of Technical Education (ITE) recognises graduates who have performed well in their courses with various awards. 

Lee Kuan Yew (LKY) Gold Medal [3 awardees]

Donated in 1999 by the then Senior Minister, Mr Lee Kuan Yew, from the sale of his memoirs, the Lee Kuan Yew (LKY) Gold Medal is awarded to the top ITE graduate of each ITE College, who has excelled in his or her course of study and co-curricular activities, and has made contributions to the community or in enriching College life. He/she will receive the LKY Gold Medal and $600 cash.

Tay Eng Soon (TES) Gold Medal [3 awardees]

The Tay Eng Soon (TES) Gold Medal was introduced in 1994, following the establishment of the TES Scholarship Fund to promote technical and polytechnic education. The Fund was established in 1993 through donations from companies, individuals and staff of ITE and the polytechnics, in memory of the late Dr Tay Eng Soon, former Chairman of ITE, and Minister in-charge of polytechnic and technical education (1988 – 1993).

An outstanding ITE graduate from each ITE College, who has achieved excellent course performance, participated actively in co-curricular activities and contributed to the well-being and development of his or her college, will receive the TES Gold Medal and $600 cash funded by the TES Scholarship Fund.

The Ngee Ann Kongsi (TNAK) Gold Medal [3 awardees]

The Ngee Ann Kongsi Gold Medal is awarded to an outstanding ITE graduate from each ITE College, for his or her excellent course performance, active participation in co-curricular activities and contributions to his or her College.

The gold medals, first presented in 2018, are funded by The Ngee Ann Kongsi, a non-profit Teochew philanthropic foundation actively involved in educational, cultural and charitable activities in Singapore. Over the years, the Kongsi has made significant contributions towards the enrichment of Singapore society and its education scene. The recipient of the award will receive a TNAK Gold Medal and $600 cash.

Singapore Business Federation (SBF) Gold Medal Award [2 awardees] NEW!

The SBF Gold Medals are awarded to the top graduates of the Technical Engineer Diploma / Technical Diploma Programme for outstanding course performance. Introduced in 2022, the SBF Gold Medal is sponsored by the Singapore Business Federation. The recipient will receive the SBF Gold Medal and $600 cash.


Singapore National Employers Federation (SNEF) Gold Medal [3 awardees]

The SNEF Gold Medal is awarded to the top performing graduate of the Work-Study Diploma Programme who has excelled in his or her course of study and has made contributions to workplace training, company projects and activities. The recipient will receive the SNEF Gold Medal and $600 cash.

e2i Gold Medal [1 awardee]

The e2i Gold Medal was introduced in 2016 to promote lifelong learning among adult learners to increase their employability, and to motivate and give recognition to ITE Continuing Education & Training (CET) graduates for their upgrading efforts and achievements. The top ITE CET graduate will receive the e2i Gold Medal and $600 cash,donated by the Employment and Employability Institute.

IES Engineering Award [1 awardee]

Introduced in 2013, the IES Engineering Award is awarded to a top graduate for outstanding performance in an Engineering course and contributions in Engineering-related projects and activities. The IES Engineering Award is sponsored by theInstitution of Engineers, Singapore. The top Engineering graduate will receive a Plaque and $600 cash.

Other Awards

The ITE Course Medals are awarded to the top Certificate of Merit graduate in each course. Recipients will receive the Gold, Silver or Bronze Course Medal and a cash quantum of $300, $200 and $100 respectively. Course Medals awards are donated by relevant trade/professional associations and companies.

The Tay Eng Soon Scholarship(TESS) Award is presented to outstanding ITE graduates who have performed well academically and attained good co-curricular activity records. The TESS is open to ITE graduates pursuing a full-time Diploma course in ITE or the polytechnics. Selection for this award is based on merit.

It is funded by the TESS Fund which was established in 1993 from donations received from companies, individuals and staff of ITE, Singapore Polytechnic, Ngee Ann Polytechnic, Nanyang Polytechnic and Temasek Polytechnic, in memory of the late Dr Tay Eng Soon, former Chairman of ITE and Minister-in-Charge of polytechnic and technical education from 1981 to 1993.