Press Release - ITE Launches New Higher Nitec in AI Applications Course

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  • Publish date:07 Jan 2022

New Course to Bridge Talent Gap in AI-related Job Roles


GCE O-level school leavers who are looking to pursue a career in Artificial Intelligence (AI) can look forward to getting a head start with the Institute of Technical Education’s (ITE) latest course offering. The Higher Nitec in AI Applications course, which will take in its first batch of students in April 2022, will equip students with skills in data preparation, development of AI solutions and AI project management.


Course Rationale


AI has risen as a disruptive technology with computers becoming faster, algorithms being improved and large amounts of data becoming increasingly accessible. By harnessing the power of AI, organisations can dramatically improve productivity, thereby enabling greater efficiencies that are truly transformative.


In line with Singapore’s Smart Nation Initiative, the National Artificial Intelligence Strategy1 outlines plans to deepen the use of AI technologies to transform Singapore’s economy. ‘AI Talent and Education’ is among the critical ecosystem enablers to address the shortfall in the quantity and quality of talent across the entire range of AI-related job roles. The new Higher Nitec in AI Applications course aims to plug the gap for Associate AI Engineers, who will assist AI/Machine Learning Engineers in various aspects of their work functions.


Industry Endorsement


Industry players have expressed strong support for the Higher Nitec in AI Applications course, with its potential to bridge the talent gap in the industry. Mr Santhosh Viswanathan, Vice President and Managing Director – Intel APJ Territory, said, “AI is one of the key technology superpowers that harnesses the potential of data to create solutions that enrich our lives. Intel is happy to collaborate with ITE on Intel® Digital Readiness Programs and we are pleased to note that the new Higher Nitec in AI Applications course incorporates key elements of the Intel AI for Future Workforce programme that is designed to enhance AI skills of future developers and next-generation technologists of Singapore. This reinforces our belief that demystifying and democratising AI for the workforce is essential for the growth of a country and its citizens.”


More information on the new Higher Nitec in AI Applications course to be offered in April 2022 can be found in Annex A. Details on full-time Higher Nitec courses in April 2022 for GCE O- Level holders and their entry requirements can be found in Annex B.


Application Procedures

GCE O-Level school leavers who are interested in applying for ITE’s full-time Higher Nitec or Nitec courses, including Traineeship programmes, can refer to the following chart for more details:


Course Type Application Details Dates & Time
Full-time 2-year Higher Nitec courses GCE O-Level applicants may submit their applications via the MOE-JAE website at: Wed 12 Jan 2022 (from 3pm) to Mon 17 Jan 2022 (4pm)
Full-time 3-year Higher Nitec and Nitec courses  
GCE O-Level applicants may submit their application via the ITE website at:
Wed 12 Jan 2022 (from 3pm) to Mon 17 Jan 2022 (4pm)
Nitec courses under ITE Traineeship Programme & ITE Skills Certification Courses under ITE Traineeship Programme Wed 12 Jan 2022 (from 3pm) to Mon 31 Jan 2022 (5pm)
Higher Nitec courses under Traineeship Programme GCE O-Level applicants may submit their application here: Wed 12 Jan 2022 (from 3pm) to Thu 31 Mar 2022 (5pm)




Annex A




高级国家工艺教育局证书 人工智能应用




The course aims to train Associate Artificial Intelligence (AI) Engineers who assist in identifying and translating business needs into AI requirements; data preparation and analysis; development of AI solutions to fulfil the business requirements; and carrying out tasks in accordance with the required AI ethics.


Course Outline

Upon completion of the course, students should be able to:

  • Perform data preparation
  • Develop AI solutions
  • Perform project management


Entry Requirements

Applicants must have the following GCE O-Level grades:

  • Grade 1-8 in English Language
  • Grade 1-7 in Mathematics (Elementary/Additional)
  • Grade 1-8 in an approved subject: [Biology / Biotechnology / Chemistry / Combined Science / Computing / Computer Studies / Design & Technology / Electronics / Fundamentals of Electronics / Human & Social Biology / Integrated Science / Physics

/ Engineering Science / Science (Chemistry, Biology) / Science (Physics, Biology) / Science (Physics, Chemistry) / Physical Science / Science (Physics, Biology, Chemistry)]



Two years


Job Opportunities & Career Prospects

Graduates may be employed as Associate AI Engineers, AI Specialists and AI Technicians with government and private sector organisations that leverage AI for businesses and operations.


Progression Pathway

Higher Nitec in AI Applications graduates may apply for progression to the Work-Study Diploma in Cloud Management & Operations at ITE. Those with a Grade Point Average (GPA) of 2.0 and above may also apply for progression to the first year of a related diploma course at the Polytechnics.


Annex B




Course Duration: 1½ - 2 years