Press Release - Over 50 ITE Students Recognised for All-Round Achievements

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  • Publish date:29 May 2020

Award-winning students stand out for excellence in character and skills

This year, ITE honoured 57 outstanding students with the prestigious Lee Kuan Yew (LKY) Awards – namely, the LKY Model Student/Trainee Award, the LKY Co-Curricular (CCA) Award, and the LKY Technology Award

They were recognised for their holistic achievements, exemplary conduct, and technological innovations. Many of them had demonstrated strength of character to rise above their circumstances and excel in their pursuits. A brief on the Awards can be found in Annex A.


Transforming for the Better

Muhammad Zaliq B Husri is one of ten students who won the LKY Model Student/Trainee Award this year. 

Zaliq’s journey at ITE started in 2013. He was then a dispirited student who was devastated by the passing of his father before his N-Levels. Without a sense of direction, he performed poorly in his studies. During his National Service, Zaliq was advised by his supervisor on the importance of a good education. This inspired him to restart his studies at ITE. 

Returning to school was not easy for Zaliq. He was exhausted from juggling school commitments and part-time jobs to support his family. Nevertheless, he was determined to succeed.

Being older than his classmates, Zaliq believed he was responsible for guiding them. He shared his story with them to set himself as an example that they could learn from. 

“I believe in the importance of positive peer influence, so I would always try to help my classmates and steer them towards the right path,” Zaliq said.


Finding the Light Within

Michelle Sng was another student who realised her potential at ITE. 

When Michelle was young, she had difficulties coping with her studies and often achieved disappointing results. Although this was disheartening, the support of her parents encouraged her to persevere. It also inspired her to do her best in all pursuits and stay positive regardless of results. 

Guided by this spirit, Michelle was determined to make the best out of her experience at ITE.

She joined ITE College East’s Student Council, as she believed it would allow her to make a difference to people around her. 

Establishing her leadership qualities, Michelle was elected as President of the Student Council. She was well-respected as a leader who showed dedication to her responsibilities and care for her peers.

For her all-round achievements, Michelle is one of three recipients of the LKY CCA Award this year.


Securing Home Deliveries

Muhammad Fadhullah, Muhammad Harith Syafiq, Muhammad Arif, Leo Zi Ming, and Chong Jia Hao enjoy online shopping. However, they often face a common issue – lost or misplaced parcels when no one is home to receive deliveries. 

As part-time food deliverymen, Muhammad Fadhullah and Muhammad Harith Syafiq also recognised that delivery issues may not be the fault of deliverymen. Some of their customers would request for deliveries to be placed outside their homes, which increases risk of theft.

Inspired by these experiences, the group created a locking device that can be fitted to any cabinet with a door to form a “mailbox” outside homes. It is password protected, and can be remotely operated through a mobile application to facilitate deliveries.

“Secure deliveries benefit both shoppers and deliverymen. We believe our device is timely in the current COVID-19 situation, as more people are using delivery services,” Muhammad Fadhullah said.

For their innovation, the group is one of ten winners of the LKY Technology Award this year. 


Profiles and Winning Projects

Profiles of the LKY Model Student/Trainee Award and CCA Award winners can be found in Annexes B and C respectively. Details of the LKY Technology Award winning projects can be found in Annex D. 




Annex A




Lee Kuan Yew Model Student/Trainee Award


The Lee Kuan Yew Model Student/Trainee Award is presented to students and trainees who have performed consistently well in their courses and have displayed outstanding conduct and attitude worthy of emulation by their peers. The Award serves to inspire students and trainees to display exemplary behaviour in training, develop high moral values and show care and concern for others. 


Lee Kuan Yew CCA Award 


The Lee Kuan Yew CCA Award is presented to students who have demonstrated outstanding leadership and organisational skills, and have contributed significantly to the improvement and enhancement of campus life. The Award also serves to give recognition to students who have contributed and achieved excellence in sports, games and the arts. 


Lee Kuan Yew Technology Award 


The Lee Kuan Yew Technology Award is presented to students who have developed excellent projects that embody quality, technical innovation and creativity. The projects are also expected to have industry applications. The Award serves to inspire students to develop a zeal for challenges, creativity and competition.