Speech - Address by Ms Low Khah Gek, CEO/ITE, at the MOU Signing Ceremonies with Airbus S.A.S. and Purdue University, and LOC Signing Ceremony with Testia Asia Pacific on 16 Feb 2022, 1530 hrs, Aerospace Hub, ITE College Central

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  • Publish date:16 Feb 2022


Mr Alvin Tan 

Minister of State for Ministry of Trade and Industry, 

and Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth 


Dr Valerie Manning 

Senior Vice-President, Airbus Training & Flight Operations Services


Mr Mads Kjer Bøndergaard, 

Airbus Head of Operations, Asia-Pacific


Mr Nicolas Fournier

Director, International Development & Partnership, Testia


Professor Manoj Patankar

Raisbeck Engineering Professor of Aviation Technology 

Representing Purdue University, Purdue Polytechnic Institute and Purdue Global 


Distinguished Industry Partners


ITE Colleagues


Ladies and Gentlemen




  • Indeed, the aviation industry has been disrupted by the pandemic and passenger load is affected. However, the industry has not been idle but is instead very busy pivoting to increase freight load, relooking the use of new technologies as well as considering the issues of sustainability and cleaner fuels as it gears up to reboot business operations.  


  • These are some of the questions they have been  addressing: 

          •How to extend the service life span of an aircraft?
          •How to lower fuel consumption?
          •How to reduce carbon emission? 
          •How to automate and deploy unmanned solutions?


  • Increasingly, aircraft manufacturers are adopting sustainable aircraft maintenance standards and the use of composite materials in the construction of aircrafts. They are also exploring the use of sustainable aviation fuels.


  • Another new area that is gaining attention in the aviation industry is the potential of unmanned aerial systems. New possibilities and new job roles will emerge.


  • ITE has several aerospace-related courses and each year, about 360 ITE graduates are poised to join the industry. It is thus important that our curriculum and training keep pace with developments and new skills demand in the aviation industry. We are grateful to have strong industry partners to support us.




  • Airbus is one such partner. Airbus is a global aviation leader and has always been a forerunner in the development of “green” maintenance standards, experimenting with sustainable fuel alternatives and the application of composites in their aircraft design and production.


  • ‘ACT for Academy’ is an Airbus Competence Training software which trains students on airbus aircraft technology and maintenance procedures. It brings realistic aircraft maintenance simulations into the classroom and drastically cuts down on the reliance of physical resources and upgrades that are tied to traditional method of vocational training and assessment deliveries.


  • ITE has adopted this ACT training system for our aerospace programmes. Our Nitec, Higher Nitec and Work-Study Diploma students have benefited from this training software and our industry partners have noticed that the students and trainees are able to  transit easily to manage workplace demands during their internship and work. 


  • Today’s MOU signing between Airbus and ITE signals the collective commitment to collaborate and strengthen the green and sustainable aircraft maintenance training program for ITE students. The training curriculum will include the latest aircraft and sustainable fuel technologies and the adoption of modern and interactive teaching techniques and resources. This enhanced curriculum will enable ITE to be recognised by Airbus to support the basic maintenance and structure repair training for the next-generation aircrafts.



ITE-Testia LOC


  • Our second partner, Testia is a non-destructive (NDT) service provider. Reliable Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) during the inspection of aircraft composite structures has always been an industry-wide challenge. To provide accurate diagnostics, access to a vast database of specifications and samples would be required and most of these information are only available from the original composite material manufacturer.  


  • Testia stands out from other companies in the NDT field. Testia is a NDT service provider branch of Airbus and has unrestricted access to Airbus’ composite maintenance database. More significantly, Testia has already ventured into automated testing with assisted decision-making and is able to obtain more accurate analysis of aircraft composite structures at the flight line. This has positioned Testia as a pioneer in an area where many others have yet to venture into.


  • ITE is privileged to sign a Letter of Collaboration with Testia Asia Pacific. This collaboration will enable ITE staff and students to learn the latest NDT technologies and practices.


ITE-Purdue MOU


  • Our third partner is Purdue University. ITE is excited to forge a new partnership with Purdue University, USA.  Purdue University is among the best in the world for aerospace engineering training. ITE is honoured to benefit from their expertise to co-develop a Technical Engineer Diploma in Unmanned Aerial Systems for our students. This diploma will open up exciting employment and career opportunities in an emerging area.  



  • The three partnerships signed today will prepare our ITE students for new work processes, new technologies and new jobs in the Aviation industry. We look forward to seeing the new outcomes and impact of our collaboration. 
    Thank you.