Speech - Address by Ms Low Khah Gek, CEO/ITE, at the Closing Ceremony of the VTC-ITE International Student Seminar 2019, 20 Jun 2019, at 10 am, Technological and Higher Education Institute of Hong Kong (THEi), Hong Kong

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  • Publish date:20 Jun 2019

Ms Foo Teow Lee

Consul-General of Singapore in Hong Kong

Ir Conrad Wong

Deputy Chairman, VTC

Mr Andrew Chong

Deputy Chairman, ITE

Mrs Carrie Yau

Executive Director, VTC VTC and ITE Management Staff and Friends


Ladies and Gentlemen


1             Today is Thursday, let me share what happened this time last week. At that point, last Thursday, in the morning, we were still not sure whether we would be coming to Hong Kong, and whether the Seminar would take place. Our Singapore parents were very nervous when they watched the news and they saw the large crowds of protestors.

2             VTC and ITE management and staff were following the developments in Hong Kong, and we were concerned that our students would be extremely disappointed if the Seminar had to be cancelled. VTC’s confirmation came last Thursday evening that we would proceed as planned. This news was received with much relief and joy, and I am sure the students were all cheering at home.

3             This year’s VTC-ITE International Student Seminar is thus particularly special and precious. We are fully mindful that our VTC host had to put in much effort and thought to expend extraordinary efforts to ensure a meaningful and enjoyable programme, while paying attention also to our safety and well-being. Because so much emotion have been invested in this Seminar, the friendship, the shared experiences and the memories are more significant and would be treasured even more.

4             On behalf of my ITE staff and students, I would like to extend our deepest appreciation and gratitude to our wonderful hosts and partner, VTC. Thank you for your warm hospitality and impeccable organisation of all the logistical arrangements and the wide myriad of activities over the last four days. I understand that you had to make changes to itineraries, places to visit, and even change the bus routes and the routes taken by the cars. Thank you for all the details you have paid attention to.

5             I know that 1,700 students are involved in this Seminar, 1,300 from VTC, 300 from ITE, 20 from Shenzhen and 10 from North West Regional College. Keeping all 1,700 students engaged, well fed, happy, entertained and stimulated is no mean feat, and you have succeeded exceedingly. Well done, we are very impressed!

6             I wish to also congratulate all the student participants. In the conversations among VTC and ITE Chairmen, Board Members and Staff, we spoke about how impressed we were by the high standards of your projects, and how we were dazzled by your eloquent and witty presentations. I think we should also acknowledge the teachers who have guided and mentored you to achieve this high level of excellence. Let us thank our teachers our teachers as well.

7             We enjoyed the sleek performance of the orchestra, the singers, dancers, skipping rope performers, and we like how all students have taken great pride in giving your best in whatever role you have taken on.

8             Students, each one of you has contributed to the success of the Seminar, kudos to you. Well done!

9             Now my ITE students had already mentioned they love the skyline of Hong Kong. They like, and I like as well, seeing the hills, the mountains, the coastal lines and the sea. They enjoyed the various visits, and in particular, they enjoyed Disneyland very much! (Right, Students?). I heard the runaway mine car was your favourite ride, and many of you bought Avengers apparel and toys.

10           VTC staff and students, we appreciate all the effort you have put in to ensure we had a wonderful time in Hong Kong. Thank you for being such perfect and gracious hosts. We can feel your love! (VTC-ITE ISS Heart-Shaped Photo on screen – See Annex)

11           Now, special thanks to Mr Simon Tang and the Organising Committee. ITE looks forward to welcoming and hosting VTC students in Singapore in 2021.

12           Ngo dei yih lihng yih yat lei san ga bo zhoy gheen (I will see you in Singapore in 2021).


Photo of all VTC-ITE International Student Seminar Participants taken at Hong Kong Design Institute