Opening Remarks by Ms Low Khah Gek, CEO/ITE, at MOU Signing Ceremony with Republic of Singapore Air Force, ST Engineering Aerospace, SIA Engineering Company, and Association of Aerospace Industries (Singapore), on 22 Sep 2020, at Compass, ITE Headquarters

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  • Publish date:23 Sep 2020

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MG Kelvin Khong, Chief of Air Force, Republic of Singapore Air Force


Mr Lim Serh Ghee, President, ST Engineering Aerospace Limited


Mr Ng Chin Hwee, Chief Executive Officer, SIA Engineering Company Limited


Mr Philip Quek, President, Association of Aerospace Industries (Singapore)


Friends from RSAF and the Industries


ITE Colleagues


Ladies and gentlemen





1               I am very pleased to be here with you, virtually, this afternoon to witness the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding among the Institute of Technical Education (ITE), The Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF), ST Engineering

Aerospace, SIA Engineering Company Limited, and Association of Aerospace Industries (Singapore) for the Work-Study Diploma in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering.


2               The ITE Work-Study Diploma (or WS Dip) is a two-and-a-half-year apprenticeship-based programme training ITE graduates to undertake deepskilled job roles across different industry sectors. It comprises 70% on-the-job training and 30% off-the-job training at ITE.  After the first launch of four WS Dip courses in 2018, the number has grown as the demand and support from industry, employers and trainees have been strong. We now have 24 WS Dips and another six will be added next April bringing the total to 30 WS Dip courses.




Work-Study Diploma in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering


4               WS Dip courses require ITE to collaborate deeply with industry partners to cocreate and co-deliver the curriculum together. Many partners come together to ensure the successful skills development and desired outcomes for the trainees and the employers.  


5               Today’s MOU is a commitment by all parties concerned, ITE, RSAF, ST

Engineering Aerospace, SIA Engineering Company Limited and Association of Aerospace Industries, to train and certify RSAF Air Force Technicians in the area of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering.


6               This is the first WS Dip course that will admit full-time National Servicemen. RSAF Air Force Technicians can enrol into this Diploma programme while serving their national service.  


Besides RSAF, I am heartened to announce that SAF Army Technician full-time National Serviceman will also be joining Work-Study Diploma in Electrical Engineering, one of our existing courses.


7               A strong feature of the WS Dip programme is that learners are required to work on real, situation-based projects with their employers. So we hope that the trainees will use their skills and technical knowledge to propose changes and make improvements to benefit the RSAF. 


8               For the inaugural April 2021 intake, ITE will work with RSAF in marketing and promoting the course to our on-going students in their final year of studies, and

to our graduates who are waiting for enlistment.  To date, the response has been positive with 15 confirmed applicants. 


Employment Opportunities


9               Under this MOU, SIA Engineering Company Limited and ST Engineering Aerospace will recognise this WS Dip qualification and will provide employment opportunities to RSAF Air Force Technicians who choose to join them upon completion of their NS or regular service. 


10           Similarly, we have received strong support from the Association of Aerospace Industries (Singapore) for the programme.  They, too will be encouraging their company members to provide employment opportunities to the WS Dip graduates among the RSAF Air Force Technicians.  




11           In concluding, I wish to thank our partners, RSAF, ST Engineering Aerospace, SIA Engineering Company Limited, and Association of Aerospace Industries (Singapore) for their partnership and support for the WS Dip in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering.


12           Together, we will make the trainees’ learning journey a fruitful and rewarding one.