Speech - Welcome Address by Ms Low Khah Gek, CEO/ITE, at the MOU Signing Ceremony between ITE and Panduit Singapore, on 27 January 2022, 1400hrs at Panduit Singapore Pte Ltd

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  • Publish date:27 Jan 2022

Mr Harry Woo

MD & Senior VP (Asia Pacific)

Panduit Singapore Pte Ltd


Friends from Panduit


ITE colleagues and students


Ladies and Gentlemen



Singapore is already a hosting services and data centre powerhouse in the ASEAN region and is set to see further demand for such services in the coming years as cloud adoption and remote working trends continue to rise. The strong push to be a ‘Digital Society’ and numerous initiatives to gear up for a ‘Digital Economy’ augur well for increasing the demand for data centres and hosting solutions in Singapore.


ITE-Panduit Centre for Information Network Infrastructure Solutions   

Panduit’s generiosity also include sponsorship of Data Racks, Cabinets and Cold Aisle Containment to ITE’s Data Centre Laboratory for the training of our WSDip trainees in Data Centre Infrastrucure and Operations.


WorldSkills Singapore 2021

We highlight Winnie to illustrate that ITE students possess skills and talents to work in and contribute to the Data Centre industry by providing the critical IT Network Cabling solutions.



My ITE colleagues, students and I look forward to the new ITE-Panduit Centre for Information Network Infrastructure Solutions as well as the new opportunities for training and learning. I thank Panduit for your strong support to equip  ITE graduates with deep skills to embark on jobs and careers in the data centre industry.

I am confident that this collaboration between Panduit and ITE will yield much benefits and impact on our students as well as contribute towards our collective journey towatds a Digital Economy and a Digital Society.


Thank you.