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Course Duration

30 hours

Type of course


Campus where course is offered

ITE College West

Course Certification

SkillsFuture Certificate of Competency (CoC)

What you'll learn

  • e-Learning (6 Modules)
  1. Fundamental Principles of Electricity
  2. Hazards of Electrical Current
  3. Capacitors and Coils in Direct Current
  4. Circuit Technology and Electrical Systems
  5. Alternating Current and Electrical Motors
  6. Fundamental Principles of Measuring Technology
  • 3-Day Practical Workshop
  1. Implementation of circuits  
  2. Review of open questions from e-learning
  3. Identify components and their functions
  4. Measurement of readings with digital multimeters and oscilloscopes
  5. Measurement of voltage, current and resistance
  6. Measurement of period duration, frequency and peak values

Entry Requirements

This is an intermediate course for learners with basic proficiency in English and basic understanding in Mathematics. Participants will also need to complete and pass 6 e-learning modules. E-learning modules are conducted 2 weeks prior to attending the face-to-face lessons. Participants who failed the e-learning modules will not be allowed to sit for the face-to-face lessons.

Fee for this course can be paid using SkillsFuture Credits. 
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SkillsFuture Course Reference Number: TGS-2019507235