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Course Duration

7 hours

Type of course

Short Courses

Campus where course is offered

ITE College Central

This course provides a comprehensive overview of Fintech, Blockchain, and Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT). It covers the fundamental definitions, various types, and the pros and cons within the Blockchain realm. The course delves into the characteristics of Fintech and Blockchain, exploring their interrelationship. It also offers insights into practical applications and real-world use cases. Participants will learn to develop tailored Fintech or Blockchain Business Models suitable for specific industries.

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What you'll learn

Part 1 - Introduction to Fintech
• Brief History of Fintech & Blockchain
• What is Fintech
• Singapore-based Fintech Examples
• Fintech Evolution
• Reasons for the Rise of Fintech
• Characteristics of Fintech Business Models
• Why Fintech
• Singapore Fintech’s Ecosystem

Part 2 - Introduction to Blockchain
• Blockchain Overview
• Blockchain Evolution
• What is Blockchain
• Blockchain Simplified
• Blockchain/Block Explorer
• Features of Blockchain
• Types of Blockchain
• Why Blockchain?
• Risks of Blockchain
• Blockchain Trilemma
• What Can You Put On The Blockchain?
• Singapore's Blockchain Landscape Map / Ecosystem
• ASEAN Blockchain Consortium (ABC)
• Blockchain Community
• The 4th Industrial Revolution / Industry 4.0
• Blockchain Standards
• Blockchain Trends: Stablecoins, Decentralized Finance (DeFi), Patents/Projects
• Blockchain Smart City
• Singapore's Project Ubin
• Blockchain Adoption
• Blockchain Use Cases / Applications

Entry Requirements

Basic IT literacy
Basic English Literacy

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