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Course Duration

2 years

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ITE College Central

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Higher Nitec

Imagine, design and create awesome works of art for games.

Have you ever seen amazing creatures, awesome spaceships, unforgettable characters and uncanny worlds in computer games? Have you ever wanted to create something like this on your own?

See your creations come alive in the world of interactive (game) entertainment! Harness your imagination to create the works of art using tools like Photoshop and Maya. Create characters, animations and environments to build a universe for gamers to experience. This course teaches you how to develop 2D and 3D art assets that are used in computer games.

What you'll learn

  • Create art assets
  • Animate art assets
  • Participate in the game design process
  • Support game packaging
  • Prepare game design documentation
  • Develop games portfolio

Entry Requirements

GCE 'O' level grades in English Language, Mathematics and 1 approved subject:

  • Grade 1-8 in English Language
  • Grade 1-7 in Mathematics (Elementary or Additional)
  • Grade 1-8 in an approved subject: [Biology / Biotechnology / Chemistry / Combined Science / Computing / Computer Studies / Design & Technology / Electronics / Fundamentals of Electronics / Human & Social Biology / Integrated Science / Physics / Engineering Science / Science (Chemistry, Biology) / Science (Physics, Biology) / Science (Physics, Chemistry) / Physical Science / Science (Physics, Biology, Chemistry)]


GCE ‘N(A)’ level passes in English Language, Mathematics and 3 other subjects:

  • Grade 1-4 in English Language
  • Grade 1-4 in Mathematics
  • Grade 1-5 in 3 other subjects; and
  • A total of 19 points or less for English, Mathematics and three other subjects (ELMAB3)*

* Eligible, graduating GCE N(A) students enrolled during the January intake under the Direct Entry Scheme to Polytechnic Programme (DPP) will undergo 10 weeks of preparatory programme, followed by 2 years of Higher Nitec training.


Nitec GPA:
For more details on minimum entry requirements for Nitec graduates, please click here.

Students will be required to purchase a Laptop for the course. This is in addition to the course fees. Financial assistance is available to eligible students under ITE Opportunity Fund subject to terms and conditions. For more details on the minimum laptop specifications, please click here.

Progression Opportunities

Higher Nitec in Games Art & Design graduates may apply for progression to the following Work-Study Diploma courses at ITE:

Higher Nitec in Games Art & Design graduates with a Grade Point Average (GPA) of 2.0 and above may apply for progression to the first year of a related diploma course at the Polytechnics. For more details on diploma courses for progression, please refer to the Joint Polytechnic Admissions website.

Career Opportunities

Higher Nitec in Games Art & Design graduates are employed by companies in the games creation and creative industries. Some of the job titles held by graduates include Game Tester, Game Level Designer, Game Programmer, Conceptual Artist, Character Designer, Game Content Developer and Game Software Engineer.


There are excellent opportunities for career advancement to supervisory positions and beyond. The challenge is for students to upgrade their technical skills and knowledge by taking up higher-level courses.