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24 hours

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Short Courses

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ITE College West

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Are you keen to maintain residential air-conditioning (split) units? Find out how to perform routine maintenance, parts replacement, troubleshooting and repair of residential split-unit air-conditioners.

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What you'll learn


  • Safety precautions when working with air conditioners and refrigeration equipment or while using tools
  • Methods of joining copper tubes
  • Operations of a simple refrigeration system
  • Thermal process of a simple refrigeration system
  • Interpret the temperature and pressures of the refrigerant from pressure gauges and refrigerant tables
  • Principles in the construction and operations of the refrigerants service valves and pressure gauges
  • Evacuating and charging processes and safety precautions
  • Functions and operations of refrigeration control devices
  • Operations of multi-speed fan motors used in residential air conditioner (split type)
  • Operations of thermostats used in residential air conditioner (split type)
  • General maintenance for a residential air-conditioner (split type)
  • Consideration factors when installing residential air-conditioning units (split type)
  • Interpret wiring circuits of a split-type air-conditioning unit
  • Install a split air-conditioning unit
  • Test and replace faulty electrical and mechanical refrigeration components in a split air-conditioning unit
  • Maintain coil/filter through washing/chemical agents

Entry Requirements