Our Customer & Visitor Centres will remain closed until further notice. You can still reach us for assistance on the following platforms:

ITE Headquarters & ITE College Central
Tel: 1800 222 2111 / 6590 2211
Email: training@ite.edu.sg or college_central@ite.edu.sg

ITE College East 
Tel: 6590 2262 
Email: college_east@ite.edu.sg

ITE College West
Tel: 6590 2628
Email: college_west@ite.edu.sg

Counter service will be by prior appointment only.

For IT Helpdesk and Technical Support, please refer to the following contacts:
Tel: 6590 2188 and 6872 1188
Email: ithelpdesk@ite.edu.sg

A. Safe Re-opening of Campuses and Home-based Learning (HBL) for Current Students

Students will continue to alternate between HBL and On-Campus Training on a weekly basis until further notice. Students should follow government health advisories, and stay at home when on HBL. 

We have made Changes to Academic Calendar for 2020 to optimise the time available for practical training. 

All students should remain contactable for updates.

B. Gradual Resumption of Training for Continuing Education & Training (CET) Classes

For CET - General Education Students

All classes for General Education (S1 to S5) classes have resumed. Science practical lessons for S5 classes will be conducted at the respective MOE school centres while all other lessons will resume at ITE colleges till further notice.

For CET - Part-time Nitec, ISC and Higher Nitec Students

Face-to-face classes for lessons and tests have resumed with Safe Distancing measures in place.

For CET - Short Courses (including CoC, JIND, WSQ & TTT) Participants

All face-to-face classes for Short Courses at ITE have resumed with Safe Distancing measures in place.

For ongoing CET classes, we will contact you for reinstatement of classes. For CET classes that have yet to commence, we will contact you on the resumption of classes. 

If you have any queries on CET, please email cet@ite.edu.sg or call 1800 2222 111.

C. Cancellation of 2020 Graduation Ceremony

ITE has cancelled the Graduation Ceremony scheduled in July. We will be mailing graduands their Certificates to their residential addresses. 

We understand that graduands and their families may be disappointed with this decision, but given the challenging situation we are in, we are confident that everyone will understand.

We wish to congratulate all graduands on the successful completion of their ITE education! We are glad to have played a part in their education and skills training. We wish you the best as you embark on your next chapter in life!

To update your residential address, please go to https://myportal.ite.edu.sg/address.