Organised by ITE, the IgnITE Skills Challenge is an annual competition that introduces students to technical skills and fosters a deeper understanding of courses offered by ITE. Challenges are designed to be engaging and fun, so as to make learning enjoyable and memorable.

We have designed an exciting and diverse range of Challenges for ignITE Skills Challenge 2024. All participants will be required to attend one training workshop by ITE or take up the Applied Learning Module (ApLM@ITE) linked to the Game Challenge. The training workshop may be held online or onsite at the Colleges. This training will equip them with the necessary skills for the Challenge.

We understand that recognition is key for participants, having put in much effort into doing well. ITE will issue everyone with e-certificates of participation. On top of that, the top 10 teams of each Challenge will be shortlisted to compete in the Finals, where they could receive medals and trophies. Finally, the school that wins the most Challenges will receive the Champion Trophy.