Nabillah Bee Bte Basheer Ahmad
Higher Nitec in Mechatronics Engineering
ITE College Central




All-Rounder Role Model


Whenever her father fixed spoilt plugs or did air conditioner maintenance at home, a young Nabillah followed him around and watched eagerly. Influenced by her father’s technical competence and her mother’s inclination towards statistics, Nabillah naturally grew to like hard sciences. In her early teens, she decided to pursue engineering as her choice of study and future career.


Nabillah blossomed in ITE as she truly enjoyed what she was learning. In her course, she picked up electrical, electronics and mechanical skills. These skills will put her in good stead in any engineering field. Out of the classroom, she led a busy yet fulfilling school life. The numerous awards that she attained bore testament to her strong leadership skills. As the Vice-President of the CD-Lionhearter and 3D Printing Clubs, she imparted life-saving skills and guided members effectively in mastering 3D sketching and printing techniques, respectively. In all that she does, she is guided by her personal motto to make a lasting, positive impact on society.


Girls Fare As Well


“Even though engineering is a traditionally male-dominated field, I think women can perform as well as men. My goal is to be a Biomedical Engineer. I think this job has a direct positive impact on the less abled. Those who are physically disabled may not have the resources to procure assistive devices. I would like to use my engineering skills to help narrow that gap they face.”


After ITE


Under the Direct Entry Scheme to Polytechnic Programme, Nabillah is currently pursuing a Diploma in Mechanical Engineering in Singapore Polytechnic. She intends to specialise in Biomedical Engineering in her third year of study.  


Top Achievements


  • With a perfect GPA score of 4.0, Nabillah emerged as the Outstanding and Top Graduate in the School of Engineering of ITE College Central. She was consistently on Director’s List for all four terms of her studies (2018/2019).
  • She was involved in two technology projects – ‘Sensing for the Visually Impaired’ and ‘Smart Mobile Robot’ that were listed among the Top 15 Lee Kuan Yew Technology Award 2020 projects. As the leader in ‘Smart Mobile Robot’ group, she took the initiative to learn Python Programming by herself, so that she could contribute in facial recognition and object identification of the robot. 
  • Besides excelling academically, Nabillah was active in community work and displayed strong leadership skills in her two CCAs - CD-Lionhearter Club and 3D Printing Club. She was presented with Service Star Award 2019 (CARE) - Gold (2019) and Eagles Award (Leadership Award - 2019). She also received the Outstanding CD-Lionhearter Award (2019) and SCDF Loadstar 2 Mentoring Programme (2018) from Singapore Civil Defence Force.