Fact Sheet - ITE Fiesta 2019

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  • Publish date:28 Jul 2019

Community Outreach

The biennial ITE Fiesta was first introduced in 2011. It seeks to showcase ITE’s capabilities and uniqueness in providing quality career and technical education. This Signature event is rotated among the three ITE Colleges, and is a community outreach initiative to let residents who live near the Colleges and members of the public discover ITE, and gain a deeper understanding on the value of applied skills and skills careers.

The seventh edition of the Fiesta adopted the theme of ‘Learn Something New’. It was held on Sunday, 28 July 2019 at ITE College West. It aimed to inform the public of the programmes and authentic learning environment in ITE through activities that cater to the whole family – from exciting games, hands-on demonstrations and informative workshops to energetic student performances and more.

The Guest-of-Honour (GOH) was Mr Gan Kim Yong, Minister for Health and the Grassroots Adviser to Chua Chu Kang (CCK) GRC. He was accompanied by Special Guests, Dr Amy Khor, Senior Minister of State, Ministry of Health & Ministry of the Environment and Water Resources, Grassroots Adviser for Hong Kah North Single Member Constituency (SMC), Vice-Chairman of Chua Chu Kang Town Council; and Ms Low Yen Ling, Senior Parliamentary Secretary, Ministry of Education & Ministry of Manpower, Grassroots Adviser to CCK GRC (Bukit Gombak) and Mayor, South West District. They visited selected activities in the Fiesta (see Annex A).

Collaboration with Agencies

ITE Fiesta is also an event that provides a platform for collaborations with external agencies. For instance, ITE students teamed up with elderly participants from the Council for Third Age and guided them to create digital albums and tote bags, and introduced eco-green initiatives such as hydroponics farming to them.

To encourage early detection of any disease or health disorder, the Agency for Integrated Care conducted health screenings on vision, hearing and oral health for seniors aged 60 and above. The public was also taught to stay active through SportSG’s Active Health’s sharing on simple exercise routines. Sporting action was at its peak during the Finals of the ‘GetActive! Singapore-Pesta Sukan Flying Disc tournament 2019’ held at the Sports Complex. Not only did ITE’s Sport Management students organise the event with SportSG staff, Team ITE also sent three teams to compete in this tournament. The public enjoyed finger-smacking delicacies from food trucks by Old Chang Kee, Sawadee Cup and the Nestle Milo van, as well as the hipster burger joint owned by ITE alumni, Burg’s by Project Warung.

Learn Something New

A total of 24 innovative projects (see Annex B) was on display at the ‘Skills Hub’ in the Indoor Sports Hall. They were categorised into four main clusters – Applied Health Science & Digital Media, Business & Hospitality, Electronics & InfoComm Technology, and Engineering. The projects showcased at the Hub included interactive elements to encourage learning and engagement. 

At ITE Fiesta 2019, everyone learnt something new, be it picking up a new hobby or tips on home improvement or increasing wellness knowledge, to bonding through parent-child activities. There was a total of 24 free workshops (Refer to https://issuu.com/itespore/docs/ite_fiesta_2019) opened to the public. These workshops acted as taster sessions to the wide array of related courses offered by ITE.

Annex A



SUNDAY, 28 JULY 2019, 10.00AM – 12.00PM





9.30 am –

9.40 am

Arrival of Special Guests Dr Amy Khor, Senior Minister of State, Ministry of Health & Ministry of the Environment and Water Resources, Grassroots Adviser for Hong Kah North Single Member Constituency (SMC) andMs Low Yen Ling, Senior Parliamentary Secretary, Ministry of Education & Ministry of Manpower, Grassroots Adviser for CCK GRC (Bukit Gombak) and Mayor, South West District

Between Blk 3 and Blk 4, Level 2

9.50 am

Arrival of Guest-of-Honour (GOH),Mr Gan Kim Yong, Minister for Health and Grassroots Adviser for Chua Chu Kang (CCK) GRC

10.00 am

Symbolic Launch of ITE Fiesta 2019


10.05 am

Dr Amy Khor takes her leaveTour of ITE Fiesta

1.Tour of Project Booths at Skills Hub:

(i)Technology-enabled Latte Art & Nitro Cold Brew Coffee

(ii)Facial Recognition for Businesses

(iii)Collaborative Virtual Reality Technology in Aerospace Engineering Training

(iv)HADO AR Dodgeball Player vs Player

Indoor Sports Hall at Blk 7 Level 2

GOH takes his leave

Tour of ITE Fiesta continues

(v)A.I. Drone

Indoor Sports Hall at Blk 7 Level 2

2. Carnival Booth

Blk 6 Level 2

3. Food Stall by ITE Alumni

Blk 5 Level 2

11.00 am


Customer & Visitor Centre (Blk 2 Level 2)

12.00 pm

End of Programme

Annex B






Applied Health Science & Digital Media Cluster


ITE College Central

Architectural Technology

By using Building Information Modelling (BIM) software, one can create a virtual walkthrough in buildings.


ITE College East

Home Emergency Aid

Manage emergency situations at home and perform first aid treatment using available items at home, when there is no first aid kit available.


ITE College East

3S Mobility Aid

The 3S mobility aid facilitates caregivers’ work in monitoring any probable incidents and ensures quick contact between the elderly and caregivers. It will benefit elderly who are weak and frail, especially those who suffer from dementia and are susceptible to falls.


ITE College Central

Visual Merchandising

Fashion styling/colouring on mannequin via mobile apps.

Business & Hospitality Cluster


ITE College Central


Create your own chatbot and customise it to meet business or organisational needs.


ITE College East

Facial Recognition for Businesses(GOH & Ms Low Yen Ling stopped at this booth)

Facial recognition (FR) technology is fast adopted in the event, marketing, and retail businesses. This booth will showcase the practical applications of FR in businesses and its immense potential.


ITE College West

Gaming Portal

Understand what it means to learn through gamification. While playing various games through the gaming portal, participants can pick up useful analytical skills.






ITE College West

Technology- enabled Latte Art & Nitro Cold Brew Coffee(GOH & Ms Low Yen Ling stopped at this booth)

Showcase of a user-friendly ‘latte art printer’ for coffee. It uses 100% natural and flavourless ingredients. Participants may choose a design and the machine will print it on your coffee instantly! The Nitro Cold-Brewed Coffee will also be featured. Infusing nitrogen into your coffee results in a rich, creamy head and silky finish.


ITE College West

Mocktail Experience

Presented with a variety of options to mix and blend, participants are given the opportunity to create personalised mocktails.


ITE College West


Incorporating games with customer service content, this approach allows students to enjoy learning yet retain facts and information better.

Electronics and InfoComm Technology Cluster


ITE College West

A.I. Drone(Ms Low Yen Ling stopped at this booth)

Showcase on Artificial Intelligence (A.I.), drone flying and coding. Participants can give commands to the drone through traffic signs.


ITE College East

Game-based Pedagogy

Minecraft Education games and dedicated strategies are used to improve students' metacognitive ability to learn and enable them to build 21st century skills.


ITE College East

IoT Enabled Smart Campus Kiosk

As part of the Smart Campus initiative, the Interactive Campus Tour Kiosk will enhance user engagement and experience in viewing campus-related information. Participants will be able to experience Video and Dynamic Widgets, Voice Assisted Course Search and IoT Data Visualisation.


ITE College West

Microbit A.I. Car

Participants will learn about Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) and coding in a fun and engaging way through a simple microbit car. Participants can race their A.I. car against others.


ITE College Central

Mixed Reality Applications

A demonstration of new explorations on Mixed Reality to enhance students’ learning and engagement.







ITE College Central

3D Projection

Showcase of current technology on video projection, through an iPad or Tablet. It will display the convergence of AV technology with wireless 3D projection mapping.

Engineering Cluster


ITE College Central

Augmented Reality in Welding Automation Training

The augmented reality machine will simulate a safe 3D virtual environment for the user to practice basic welding skills with visual aids. This can promote interest in the welding industry as a prospective career or as an introduction to welding automation.


ITE College Central

Collaborative Virtual Reality (CVR)

Technology in Aerospace Engineering Training(GOH & Ms Low Yen Ling stopped at this booth)

Participants are taught to use the Oculus Rifts and touch Controllers to launch a CVR training package where they will be tasked to carry out Aircraft Ground Run Procedures in a virtual airport immersive environment.


ITE College Central

LARRY (Learning AI Robot for Everyone)

LARRY will simulate a virtual workspace that connects with the user. The virtual workspace will create a gaming situation that enables mutual interaction, which leads to the co- creation of a solution for a particular problem. The user will gain an understanding to a typical

A.I. powered chatbot and best practices.


ITE College East

Lift Model with Fault Simulation

The Lift Model project simulates various faults that are likely to occur in a lift system, to show how these faults can be rectified.


ITE College Central

Reversed Engineer Technology

3D scanning is a reverse engineering technology used for translating real world physical objects into virtual 3D models. It involves image capturing and mapping of visible features, constructing a digitised version of the object for analysis and/or reconstruction. Machined work pieces and 3D printed work

pieces done by Precision Engineering students






will be used as objects for the 3D scanning activity. Audience may also volunteer to scan their face features to produce a virtual model.


ITE College East

3-in-1 Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV)

Showcase of an automated guided vehicle that can follow lines, pre-programme paths and move objects. It can be controlled using mobile devices.



ITE College East

Laser Show

A symphony of Laser and Lighting effects will dazzle the audience. Participants will have a sneak preview on how laser shows are executed.


ITE College West

Lighting & Sound

Inspired to become an audio visual technician? Participants can find out what it takes to be a part of the entertainment industry, behind the scenes.

Community Partner

HADO Singapore


Augmented Reality (AR) Dodgeball Player vs Player(GOH & Ms Low Yen Ling stopped at this booth)

Participants form teams to play an augmented reality game. Battle against your opponents with a continuous string of powerful “energy balls”.