Factsheet - ignITE Skills Challenge 2024

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  • Publish date:21 May 2024

ignITE Skills Challenge 2024

The ignITE Skills Challenge (ignITE) is an annual national-level skills competition organised by the Institute of Technical Education (ITE), with support from the Ministry of Education.

Now into its eighth year, ignITE is the only national skills competition for Normal stream students in Singapore. The competition was created to excite them and highlight the value of skills. Challenges are designed to be fun and engaging to make learning enjoyable and memorable.

This year’s competition features 15 skill challenges. This includes seven new challenges. Details of the challenges can be found below. Prior to the Finals, participants attended a training workshop in March, and went through a preliminary round in April, to equip them with the necessary skills.


Shortlisted finalists will compete for the top spots on 21 May 2024. The programme of the finals can be found in Annex B. The top three teams of each challenge will win trophies and medals. A Champion Trophy will be awarded to the school that wins the most number of medals.

Mr Darryl David, Deputy Chairperson of the Education Government Parliamentary Committee, will be presenting the awards to the winners at the Finals.

Details on the participation figures:

Workshops1,506 students1,512 students1,517 students1,626 students
 63 schools69 schools66 schools68 schools
Finals405 students429 students446 students450 students
 50 schools51 schools54 schools46 schools

For more information, please visit: www.ite.edu.sg/ignite-skills-challenge.



Skill Challenges


S/NChallenge TitleChallenge Description
1AirITE Adventure Awaits! NEWStudents carry out crucial in-flight tasks on an aircraft while maintaining a polished appearance.
2 Aroma Fantasy NEW Students put together a visual merchandising display to market the aromatherapy soaps they designed and created.
3 Building Bridges NEW Using designated materials, students design and construct bridges to withstand specific loads and spans.
4 Carbon Sequestration with Vertical Green Wall Challenge NEW Students plan and construct a vertical garden within a stipulated time.
5 Crisis Management Radio Communication Students will manage busy and efficient rapid transit operations using proper radio procedures
6 Digital Making using Micro:bit Students will use Micro:bit and programming codes to build and control an electronic project based on a given theme. This year’s theme is Eco Warriors
7 Eggcellent Eggdiction Students will prepare a plate of Eggs Benedict with Hollandaise sauce, showcasing their creativity by the use of their own ingredients and flavours.
8 Filtraxxion Students creatively explore filtration science through hands-on activities, building filters and using natural materials as filter media to treat waste water.
9 I Light ITE NEW Students create a projection mapping visual effects show using recyclable materials.
10 Logistics Challenge Students will use logistics technology to perform various order fulfilment operations in the shortest time.
11 My Sustainabot! Students will design and build a robot from recycled materials and make it come alive using Augmented Reality and 3D Technology
12 My West-side Story NEW Students design an immersive website using Generative AI and ChatGPT.
13 Smart EV Mobile Robot Challenge Students will program and control robots to navigate paths and obstacles in the shortest possible time.
14 The Influencer Showdown NEW Students pick a product to market the way an influencer would – through content creation and sharing on social media platforms. They will need to keep their wits while ‘selling’ their product via onsite livestream.
15 X-Bots Students will assemble various components of a robot, including motors, sensors and controllers, before applying fun coding to control its movements and navigate it to complete challenges and missions in an elimination tournament.