Fee Structure for Full-time Technical Diploma courses

ITE uses a cohort-based fee structure for full-time Nitec, Higher Nitec and Technical Diploma courses. Under this fee structure, students’ tuition fees will remain unchanged for the entire duration of the course.

MOE Tuition Grant Scheme (TGS) 

The Government of Singapore, through the Ministry of Education, provides tuition grants to all eligible full-time Technical Diploma course students who have been admitted to ITE (subject to guidelines under existing policy).

  • To apply for the MOE Tuition Grant, you will need to complete the MOE Tuition Grant Scheme Form and submit it to your College during registration.
  • If you do not apply or you are not eligible for the MOE Tuition Grant, you will have to pay the non-subsidised tuition fee.

If you have any enquiries on Tuition Grant matters, please contact the Ministry of Education at:

Tuition Grant Section
School Placement and Services Division
Customer Service Centre (MOE Podium Block)
Ministry of Education, Singapore
1 North Buona Vista Drive
Singapore 138675
Email: moe_tgonline@moe.gov.sg

Fees for Full-time Technical Diploma Students 

For details on fees for full-time Technical Diploma students admitted in each academic year, click here.

SkillsFuture Mid-Career Enhanced Subsidy

You may use the SkillsFuture Mid-Career Enhanced Subsidy if you are a mid-career individual looking to upskill or reskill to remain competitive and resilient in the job market. You can apply for this subsidy if you meet all of the following criteria:

  • A Singapore Citizen aged 40 and above in year of study
  • Pursuing a first MOE-subsidised full-time Technical Diploma at ITE
  • Eligible for and is receiving the base Government subsidy (i.e. Tuition Grant for full-time diploma)1.  If you are not eligible for the Tuition Grant, you will also not qualify for this Enhanced Subsidy2.

For details on fees for Singapore Citizens aged 40 and above who are pursuing full-time Technical Diploma Courses for Academic Year 2021 and Academic Year 2020, click here

For more information about SkillsFuture programmes and initiatives, please click here.

To be eligible for the Tuition Grant for full-time diploma, the student must not have already attained a qualification that is of the same level or higher than the course the student is pursuing and that is obtained through MOE subsidy or government sponsorships.

For students who, for some reason, have fully exhausted the Tuition Grant eligibility during the course of study, the SkillsFuture Mid-Career Enhanced Subsidy will also not be available for the remaining course of study.

Schemes for Fee Payment

Upon acceptance of the course, you may pay your first term fees through one of the following financial schemes:

  • Post-Secondary Education Scheme
  • CPF Education Loan Scheme
  • Mendaki Tertiary Tuition Fee Subsidy^

Please click here for more details.

For Other Financial Assistance Scheme and Bursary, please click here for more details.

Refund of Fees

The total fees paid may be refundable as follows: 

Date of Application for RefundAmount of Refund *
2 weeks or more before start of course/term100% refund
Less than 2 weeks before start of course/term50% refund
After start of course/termNo refund

*Refund is not an automatic process and is subject to approval. Applicants must apply for refund before ITE will process the requests. For refund via PayNow, please register with your bank and link your NRIC number to your receiving bank account. For details on how to link your NRIC to your bank account to receive refund by PayNow, please check directly with your bank.