The appeal period has closed.

Applicants for appeals submitted under 2nd appeal sub-phase can log in to check the outcome of appeal by Mon 15 Feb 2021.

The intake exercise for ITE Skills Certificate (ISC) graduates from Assumption Pathway School and Northlight School applying to progress to full-time 2-year Nitec courses is held in December each year. Successful applicants will commence their training in January.

Admission to the courses is based on merit and choice.

If you have graduated from a full-time Nitec/Higher Nitec course at ITE and wish to return to do another full-time course at the same or lower level, you may apply for admission one year after graduation. For January 2021 intake, you may submit your application if you have graduated before 1 February 2020.

If you need help with application, please call or email to any of the ITE Colleges during office hours.

Appeal for Admission / Transfer

Unsuccessful applicants appealing for admission, and students appealing for transfer, may submit their appeal online under the appeal phase.

Applicants can log in to check the outcome of appeal by Mon 15 Feb 2021 (for appeals submitted under 2nd sub-phase).